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AT&T has cancelled all the pre-order of Galaxy Fold and they have issued $100 million Promo cards

AT&T has sent all their customers a notice who ordered Galaxy Fold worth $1980 stated that their order has been canceled. They will get to set their new order whenever Samsung plans a new launch date.

Tom Guide has placed an order of Galaxy Fold through AT&T and got a mail that this order has been canceled. When he enquired, he came to know that other customers who preordered the phone had also received the same message.

The email which was received from AT&T said that the order got canceled because:

“Samsung delayed the release of the phone, which means we can’t ship your phone.”

They also guaranteed that they will send $100 AT&T promotional cards to all the customers whoever ordered that phone. The card will be delivered in 60 days.

Galaxy had planned to come up with the phone in the month of April. But reviewers who got the phone to state a proper review complained about the Fold’s screen. But the issue took place when the reviewers removed the screen protector which should be retained on the top of the screen. Other material problems were there which took place through the gap of the phone’s hinge.

Right now the AT&T webpage of Fold states that the phones are out of stock. It means that there is no phone in the stock, but the real thing is that they didn’t even launch the phone yet.

AT&T is not only the first one to cancel all the pre-orders, but Best Buy also canceled their orders a few days back. Samsung also has given a few pre-orders in the month of May so that they can confirm that if the customers can go through the orders.

Samsung’s DJ Koh said in an interview that they will soon announce the launch date as they fix all the issues. But the customers are waiting for the official confirmation from the company. The Cnet reports says that they will announce the date very soon. It also states that the Fold will not launch before the beginning of July. But the customers are in a panic situation as their order got canceled.

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