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Cubic will showcase multi-domain LVC Advanced training environment for all their fighter pilots at the International Paris Air show in 2019

Cubic Corporations announced today that their business division called Cubic Global Defense will exhibit all the air combat training system at the International Paris Air Show this year.

The International Paris Air Show will be between 17th Of June 2019 to 23rd of June 2019. This event will be organized at the Le Bourget Airport, which is in Paris France. In the 53rd International Paris Air Show, all the key players of the aerospace industry will be coming for a week-long event. The event will consist of all the latest technologies along with innovation and product demonstration.

Mike Knowles, president of Cubic Global Defence said:

“For nearly five decades, Cubic has continued to revolutionize air combat training to benefit the United States and our allied nations. Today, we are the only provider of fourth and fifth generation fielded interoperable Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation (ACMI) and Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC) training solutions.”

Knowles added:

“In fact, Cubic stands alone as the only company that has flown Secure/Joint ACMI/LVC and built a true multi-domain hardware and software infrastructure that has been tested and proven in operational fighter cockpits. Our Multi-Domain Advanced Training Environment is a must see this year at Le Bourget.”

Cubic will highlight the following points at the event in France:

  • Multi-Domain Advanced Training Environment- This is directly related to the air and the ground platform along with all the sensors and the virtual entities. This also depends on all the real-life attributes which are dependent on the technique and tactics.
  • Individual Combat Aircrew Display System- This is a very advanced system based for combat display for the support of individual pilots. This is able to coordinate in real-time making data recording easier.
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