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Google Pay finally expands with the help of PayPal to online merchants

Google has strategically partnered up with PayPal so that they can expand their business avenues. PayPal announced that they will become a payment method in Android Play. That service was later launched under the name of Google Pay. People who used PayPal as a payment mode in Google Pay can make payments for services such as Google Store purchases, YouTube, and Gmail. Very similar integration is on the way.

Google has explained that they have hundreds of millions of customer who have already saved their details in their respective Google Accounts. This was because of the 2018 integration done by Google. With the help of this expanded integration, merchants can PayPal anyone easily. People who want to shop online and use Google Pay can pay through PayPal without any problem.

The best thing about this integration is that people will no longer have to sign in to their PayPal account overtime they plan to make any kind of payment. Online merchants who are also PayPal merchants say that they can make payments with Google Pay using their PayPal business account in a couple of seconds.

PayPal’s embrace is a one-time competitor like Google and Apple actually started a few months back and is still trying to gain grounds as the platform could be better integrated.

The company has teamed up with other competitors like Apple, Samsung, Visa, MasterCard, Google, and Walmart so that they can achieve better transaction on point of sales in retail stores. Merchants want to offer more options when it comes to payment methods. There are a variety of checkout methods available in the market today. Digital Wallet is one of the most popular amongst all. This new option of PayPal works in a total of 24 countries.

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