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Samsung is working on Galaxy Fold with S Pen as per the report

Samsung is on its way to prepare the second-generation version of the Galaxy Fold foldable smartphone. Right now, the first version is not available for the customers.

Now, the second generation will have the same technology which was known as in-folding. It will also have an 8-inch display with an S Pen. The organization has already made a request to the makers of the S pen partners. They suggested making all the proper parts of the S Pen, which will support the second Galaxy Fold. This was declared through South Korean tech news outlet.

The procedure of production will start in the month of August.

The report also informs that the second-generation Galaxy fold will be launched in the earliest portion of December. There will be a big commercial launch of the device in the year 2020.

The real version of the device has a sports display of 7.3 inches when it is opened. It also has a display of 4.6 inches when it is folded. This information was announced in an event in the US in the month of April. The launch was delayed because of the durability issue of the screen.

At that moment, Samsung has posted the main reason for postponing the launch of the device.

There were few problems with the display, which showed a bad impact on the bottom of the hinge. There was an object which affected the display of the screen. This was stated in a report.

They stated that:

 “We will take measures to strengthen the display protection. We will also enhance the guidance on care and use of the display including the protective layer so that our customers get the most out of their Galaxy Fold.”

According to the primary announcement, the organization has said that they will give a new date for the launch of the device. They have announced this fact on each and every event and occasion. The suppliers of the first-generation Galaxy fold have paused their service.  That means that they will start their service after the organization announces its launch date. The company has scheduled the date of August 7 in South Korea for the launch of this device.


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