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40 Best filter pump for fish tank 2022 – After 240 hours of research and testing.

Written by Alex Rowe

Now that you are here, you must be looking for the best filter pump for fish tank! If you aren’t for it, you shall use our search and look for the topic you are interested in. As this piece is a lengthy one and covers a few more aspects other than the best list, they are the best filter pump for fish tank brands in United States of America and a buyer’s guide for making an informed buying decision.

Before we begin with the list, We ask you to make a list of things that you are looking for in a filter pump for fish tank. It could be anything which you’ll require when doing tasks. This will help you have some clarity about the important things and will help you save money by not overspending on the features you won’t use or a product that has more features!

You surely are here for being able to make an informed buying decision when it comes to filter pump for fish tank and you must be looking for the list, We know that! But before we begin, we’d like to tell you that, this is the most unbiased list ever, it has specs, lists down the features of the filter pump for fish tank, best brands and has a dedicated buyer’s guide for people in United States of America.

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Best filter pump for fish tank in 2021

1. Kulife New 3-Stage Aquarium Filters for 70-100 Gallon Fish Tanks Dual Water Outlets with Aeration -Pet Supplies

By Kulife

  • Different from most of the filters in the market, this filter also provides an air venturi and air tubing to increase oxygen supply in your fish tank.
  • For tank size of 70-100 gallons.
  • PLUS the transparent box makes it easy to observe the filtering material when they get dirty.
  • KIND REMINDER – If your tank is very large, choose 2 filters! Place a filter at both the left and right corners at the back side
  • COARSE SPONGE filters out large size impurities such as food residue, fish excrements, plant leaves etc.; CARBONIZED SPONGE removes odor, chlorine and fine particles; FINE SPONGE polishes water before it goes back to tank
  • You will get full filtration and great water circulation in your tank! PLUS this filter is with dual water outlet to ensure even water distribution in your fish tank!
  • AERATING WATER- Oxygenation is very important to your fish
  • Each product has been submerged in water and tested with super high voltage to ensure the safety.
  • SAFETY – The pump is fully submersible with epoxy sealed motor
  • Flow 300GPH (1140L/H), Max lift 4.5ft (1.38m), Power 12W
  • 3-STAGE FILTRATION – 3 sponge blocks – coarse sponge, carbonized sponge and fine sponge provide 3-stage filtration

2. Yochaqute Aquarium Fish Tank Filter: 8w Internal Filter Pump for 40-120 Gallon Salt Water | Fresh Water | Coral Tank | Turtle Tank with 2 Stages Filtration & Strong Suction Cups -Pet Supplies

By Yochaqute

  • Exquisite Design: The ultra-quiet aquarium filter can adjust the flow rate and direction of the water outlet
  • Warranty: Super durable and reusable; Comes with a 12-month warranty; If you have any questions about the goods you received, please feel free to contact us
  • The filter system uses biological materials and filter cotton to filter
  • The powerful triangular suction cup is more firmly fixed in the fish tank
  • Application Scenario: The filter can effectively capture impurities and algae in the filter tank to make the water clearer, and provide a fresher and healthier living environment for your fish and turtles
  • Specification and Size: The product structure material is corrosion-resistant and durable
  • The transparent shell can clearly see the internal changes of the pump
  • It is suitable for betta fish, turtles, corals, koi, salt water and fresh water
  • Several-stage filtration system, attached with oxygen hose, increase the oxygen content in the cylinder,for 40-120 gallon aquarium,Power:8W, Output:132 GPH/h, Dimension:119x90x293mm
  • Easy to clean: 2 Stages Filtration can be disassembled without tools, it is convenient to replace the filter cotton and biological filter medium, and it is easy to operate and carry
  • 24-hour professional after-sales service

3. Tetra Whisper EX 70 Filter For 45 To 70 Gallon aquariums, Silent Multi-Stage Filtration -Pet Supplies

By Tetra

  • CONTINUOUS FLOW Moves water continuously to prevent debris buildup
  • NO-MESS FILTER CARTRIDGE CHANGES Design minimizes dripping to make cartridge changes easy
  • WHISPER QUIET The Tetra Whisper EX Power Filter provides silent multi-stage filtration for clear clean water
  • FAST SETUP Sets up easily right out of the box – no priming required
  • SIZE This filter fits 45 to 70 gallon aquariums

4. Tetra Whisper IQ Power Filter 20 Gallons, 130 GPH, with Stay Clean Technology -Pet Supplies

By Tetra

  • SELF PRIMING: Submerged motor starts up with no priming required.
  • CARTRIDGE REFILLS: Change cartridges monthly; uses large-sized Tetra Whisper Bio-Bag Filter Cartridges (refills sold separately).
  • QUIET aquarium FILTER: The Tetra Whisper IQ Power Filter with Stay Clean technology contains a sound shield for quiet filtration less than 40 dB.
  • STAY CLEAN TECHNOLOGY: By maintaining healthy pH levels, creates easier maintenance for healthier fish.

5. AquaClear, Fish Tank Filter, 20 to 50 Gallons, 50v, A610 -Pet Supplies

By AquaClear

  • Provides optimal mechanical, chemical, and biological filtrations
  • Quick and easy installation, we recommend that you clean aquarium filter every 2 weeks for maximum operation and efficiency
  • Aquarium filtration system that offers superior contact time with filter media and energy efficient pump lowers operating costs
  • Comes equipped with AquaClear Foam, Activated Carbon Filter and BioMax and Cycle Guard for superior water quality
  • Lifetime warranty; ideal for aquariums up to 50 gallons
  • Filtration volume is up to 7 times larger than comparable fish tank filters

6. MarineLand Penguin 350 Power Filter 50 – 75 Gallon Aquarium, 350 GPH -Pet Supplies

By MarineLand

  • COMPATIBILITY: Use with Marineland Rite-Size Filter Cartridges (see individual filter for sizing recommendations).
  • Age range description: All Life Stages
  • FIVE SIZES: Available in 75 GPH, 100 GPH, 150 GPH, 200 GPH and 350 GPH sizes.
  • MULTI-STAGE FILTRATION: Delivers mechanical, chemical and biological aquarium filtration to maintain a clean aquatic environment.
  • WITH ROTATING BIO-WHEEL: Patented Bio-Wheel technology provides excellent wet/dry biological filtration.

7. Aquarium Turtle Filter Waterfall Flow Water Clean Pump Bio-Filtration for Reptiles Tank Low Level Waterfall Filter for Small Fish Tank Turtle Tank Shrimp Amphibian Frog Crab (600L/H Aquarium Filter) -Pet Supplies

By JackSuper

  • Easy to install,Water filter pump can be hung on the aquarium or fixed with sucker
  • Water circulation and cleaning:this turtle filter helps water cycling,the Activated carbon cartridges and bio ball help clean water,absorbs odors and discoloration,provide a healthy water for your aquarium
  • We have 90days replacement and the refund service
  • All the emails will be replied within 24 hours
  • High performance, the motor set under the water,more quiet than external filter,you can creat a waterfall with rock inside the fish tank
  • Low water level capability(Lowest water level 1.6inch/4cm)
  • Perfect Aquarium filter for aquatic turtle tanks, Reptiles, Amphibians, Frog, Cichlids, Newt or Fish tank in any aquarium up to 40 gallons
  • We will do our best to help you.
  • We have lifetime technique support, please feel free to contact us for any quality problem

8. Tetra Whisper Internal Filter 10 To 30 Gallons, For aquariums, In-Tank Filtration With Air Pump -Pet Supplies

By Tetra

  • CATCHES DEBRIS Dense dual-sided mesh filters debris and fish waste
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN Uses large easy to change Bio-Bag cartridges filter mounts inside aquarium making it possible to place tank flush against the wall
  • AERATES WATER Air-driven design filters up to 125 GPH while oxygenating water
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 4.88″ x 5.38″ x 10.19″
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN Tetra Whisper 20i Internal Filter is an all-in-one air pump and water filter system
  • INTERNAL FILTER Mounts on the inside of your aquarium with clip (included)

9. Aqua-Tech Power Aquarium Filter, 30 to 60-Gallon Aquariums -Pet Supplies


  • Advanced 3 step filtration
  • Traps dirt, removes impurities and offers maximum water to carbon contact
  • For 30 to 60 gallon aquariums
  • Comes with one AQUA-Tech EZ-Change #3 Filter Cartridge

10. Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO Aquarium Power Filter, Size 20 -Pet Supplies

By Aqueon

  • Activated carbon removes toxins, odors and discoloration
  • Diffuser grid removes additional toxins while adding oxygen for more active fish
  • Dense floss removes particles and debris
  • Patented bio-holster removes toxic ammonia and nitrites
  • Reduces splashing making the return exceptionally quiet

11. NO.17 Submersible Aquarium Internal Filter 8W, Adjustable Fish Tank Filter with 200 GPH Water Pump for 10-50 Gallon Fish Tank -Pet Supplies

By NO.17

  • [WARRANTY]: All products purchased from our company are guaranteed to keep in good repair for 180 days.If quality problems happen in guaranteed period, our company will maintain for free.
  • This water pump is designed for reliability and ultra-quiet operation, and you have a key to adjust the flow rate.
  • [MULTIPLE FILTER MEDIA]: The filter with multiple filter media for all filtration purposes
  • [ADJUSTABLE 200 GPH WATER PUMP]: Max Flow Rate: 200 GPH(800L/H), Max Lift height: up to 3.28 Feet.(Length of power cord:1.6M=5.25ft)
  • [2NOZZLE, 2 MODEL]: In this package, there have 2 nozzle, you could choose 2 nozzle to clean and fresh your aquarium.
  • [8W AQUARIUM FILTER]: This Fish Tank Internal Filter is a system that create a clean and fresh living environment for your lovely fish. 8 watt is perfect for 10-50 gallon large aquariums.
  • Your lovely fish or turtle will have a clean and fresh environment for living.

12. JAJALE 130 Gallon Aquarium Fish Tank LED Light Pump Freshwater Filter Upright Fishtank Stand Bundle Straight Corners Ultra Clear Tempered Glass with Complete Aquarium Setup (All Black) -Pet Supplies


  • Dimensions(inches): 47.2 (L) x 19.7 (W) x 30.7(H)
  • Resistant to scratches, fingerprints, and acids/alkali
  • The frame of the fish tank is all metal to resist saltwater erosion
  • The frame can resist tension and torque deformation caused by heavy loads
  • Fish tank All glass is bonded by German original ultra-long-lasting biophilic silica gel, which can resist saltwater erosion for up to 20 years.
  • Water Total Actual Capacity: 130 Gallons.
  • The dimensions of the aluminum all-metal frame are: 47.2(L) x 19.7(W) x 29.5(H) inches
  • The visible light transmittance is greater than 91.5%
  • The most fashionable design in 2021, All Black, every detail reflects the modern design concept
  • The pet fish swims gracefully in front of you
  • Corrosion-resistant, easy to clean and maintain
  • Add a sense of luxury to your home or office.
  • It can breed marine life, corals, Arowanas, aquatic plants, and landscape water features
  • The thickness of glass: 0.47 inches.
  • Water Actual Capacity: 110 Gallons
  • A better immersive experience
  • Products include cabinet, water pump(35W 920 GPH), and filtration system with filter media
  • The fish tank is made of high-quality low-iron tempered ultra-white transparent glass (“crystal glass”), which can withstand the damage and impact in daily life, and is very durable
  • and you can clearly see each aquatic plant
  • Give your pet water creatures a hide and relax luxury home
  • Inner size of filtration system sink(inches):39 (L) x 9.9 (W) x 12.6 (H), Water Actual Capacity: 20 Gallons
  • Including professional aquatic LED tri-color lighting source
  • Can keep the water clean for a long time.
  • It will never deform or fade
  • Product weight : 293lb

13. Pennington Aquagarden, Complete Raised Window Pond Kit – Octagon, Water Feature Pool, Includes Inpond 5 in 1 300 Pond & Water Pump with UV Clarifier, 106 Gallon Decking Pond, Three Fountain Displays, -Filters

By Pennington Aquagarden

  • ENJOY THE SIGHT AND SOUND OF MOVING WATER: Containing 3 fountain displays and a LED light to ensure your Affinity Pond looks great, day and night, all year round.
  • EASY TO SET UP AND MAINTAIN: Comes with a step-by-step guide on how to set up and the included Inpond 300 Filter is the complete life support system for fish and plants.
  • RAISED WATER FEATURE: Stylish and unique raised living water feature pool introduces a fresh dimension to any garden, patio, or deck.
  • GREAT FOR FISH AND PLANTS: Comes with 2 planting baskets for your aquatic plants and is a great habitat for fish
  • The viewing windows let you see into the pond and under the water.
  • INCLUDES AN INPOND 300 POND FILTER & WATER PUMP: Instant solution for a clear and healthy pond: combined efficient pump and filtration package for ponds up to 300 gallons.

14. boxtech Aquarium Hang On Filter – Power Waterfall Suspension Oxygen Pump – Submersible Hanging Activated Carbon Biochemical Wall Mounted Fish Tank Filtration Water (5-10 Gal) -Pet Supplies

By boxtech

  • Hanging on filter with filter plate design:can increased filter strage space,also clean up aquarium fish feces, create a clean environment for your lovely fish.
  • 3 in 1 Multi-function filter:Aquarium filter has the function for filtration,oxygen aeration and clearing oil-film, a variety functions provide by ultra-thin design filter, perfect for your fish tank.
  • Safe material:Made of ABS plastic,strong , quiet and durable.
  • Adjustable flow valve:The water flow is adjustable, dissolved oxygen for creature growing.Suitable water flow, fit for fish bowl and grass cylinder,so it satisfy your various demand.
  • Low noise:motor running will not bring noise, will not affect the life and mood.

15. Aqueon QuietFlow Canister Filter 55-100 Gallons -Pet Supplies

By Aqueon

  • Fits aquarium size up to 75 gallons
  • Includes quick disconnect valves, pump locking heads, water intake/output connections, hoses, water polishing unit with cartridge and media: activated carbon, coarse foam, bio-balls, bio-ceramic rings
  • Internal media replacement; carbon change every 30 days, foam pad rinse or replace as needed, white polishing pad change as needed
  • Multi-stage filtration that includes biological, chemical and mechanical
  • Multiple water return options for optimal versatility to best suite a variety of aquarium habitats; spray bar, water director and water polishing unit
  • Easy access for quick routine maintenance with included hang on the back polishing unit
  • Water Polishing Unit uses Large Aqueon Replacement Filter Cartridges; replace monthly

16. Polar Aurora Free Media 265GPH / 370GPH / 525GPH External Aquarium Filter with Builtin Pump Kit Canister (525GPH) -Pet Supplies

By Polar Aurora

  • The four flexible media trays allow you to add other filtration media such as SunSun’s activated carbons, ceramic rings or bio-balls to achieve excellent mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration.
  • 4 media trays capable of handling your choice of filtration media; Comes with an adjustable spray bar
  • Built in 9 Watt Light for controlling algae spores/bacteria and promoting clear water
  • Convenient self-priming pump that eliminates the need for manual siphoning; Single valve disconnect & priming pump ease routine maintenance
  • This is a helpful feature if you want to adjust the output flow from the filter
  • Good for up to 200 gallon fish tanks.Maximum flow rate of 525GPH from built in pump

17. Fluval FX4 High Performance Aquarium Filter, Canister Filter for Aquariums up to 250 Gal., A214 -Pet Supplies

By Fluval

  • Removable, stackable media baskets eliminate water bypass and hold a total of 1 US Gal (3.9 L) of media
  • Self-starting – just add water, plug in and Smart Pump will take over
  • All filter media included – mechanical, chemical and biological
  • Compact 41.9 cm (16.5 in) tall design – easily fits under most aquariums
  • Simply attach hosing to output and Smart Pump does the rest
  • Trapped air auto-evacuated every 12 hours to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Multi-stage filter pumps out 700 US Gal (2650 L) of water per hour
  • Easy water changes eliminate need to lift heavy buckets
  • Smart Pump advanced microchip technology continuously monitors and optimizes pump performance

18. Tetra Aquarium Filter (AQ-68056),Up to 4-Gallons -Pet Supplies

By Tetra

  • SPACE-SAVING DESIGN: Your aquarium can be flush to the wall with the internal filter designed to clip on your tank wall and be hidden by décor.
  • TWO FILTERS IN ONE: Cartridge floss catches debris and fish waste, while Ultra-Activated carbon removes odors and discoloration.
  • 27 GPH PUMP: The internal 27 GPH pump cycles a 4 gallon aquarium more than 6 times per hour.
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS INCLUDED: This pack contains the hinged lid, tank clip, internal filter and filter cartridge.
  • FOR 4 GALLON aquariums: This Whisper Internal Power Filter uses small filter cartridges and adjusts easily to high or low water levels.

19. TARARIUM Quiet Betta Fish Tank Filter Air Pump Filtration Water Pump 3 in 1 Rain Type Submersible Internal Filter for Aquarium/Turtle Tank 1-15 Gal. -Pet Supplies


  • Holiday or rest days will be delayed a little time.
  • Crystal Clear Reducing the number of times the fish tank needs to be changed
  • 1 Year Warranty If any questions or problems for this small fish filter, please contact the service emailbox on the package, we will solve and reply in 24 hours
  • Make fish happy & Low noise Waterfall-style water design, not only increases oxygen, also makes the small fish like swimming in the natural waterfall, making the fish very happy
  • Aquarium air pump, filtration, water pump 3 in 1 small aquarium filter
  • Recommended for use in 1-15 gallon aquarium tanks.
  • This aquarium filter also can be used as a turtle tank filter
  • Low water level The lowest usable water level is 1.7 inches
  • No need to change filter cotton.
  • Easy to clean Disassemble the betta fish tank filter every 1-2 weeks and rinse the filter cotton with clean water to maintain the filtering effect
  • Easy to use, plug and play! The fish tank filter can be used in more small fish tanks, like betta tank
  • Please choose according to your own needs
  • When used the submersible tank filter, the filter’s sound is 35~50 decibels, and only the sound of water is heard.

20. Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO Aquarium Power Filter, Size 30 -Pet Supplies

By Aqueon

  • Self-priming – starts up automatically after cleaning or power interruptions.
  • LED indicator light flashes when it’s time to replace clogged cartridges by monitoring actual water levels.
  • Certified flow rates that assure proper water circulation for improved fish health
  • Provides mechanical, chemical, biological filtration plus additional assistance with the Aqueon specialty filter pads
  • Internal pump design helps dampen noise and eliminate leaks

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21. Penn-Plax Cascade Canister Aquarium Filter (1500 Elite) -Pet Supplies

By Penn-Plax

  • Quick easy push button self-primer
  • Flow rate cut-off valves adjust water flow.
  • $237 Value
  • Nothing else to purchase
  • It is all included.
  • Includes filter, (1) Bio-Sponge, (1) Bio-Floss 6pk, (1) Pro-Carb 2pk, (1) Bio Rings 10oz and (1) Large Magna Sweep algae magnet.
  • Pumps 350 gallons per hour
  • Cascade Black Elite filter kit for aquariums up to 200 gallons.
  • Be up and running in minutes
  • Quick and easy monthly maintenance saves you time and aggravation.

22. AKKEE Aquarium Filter, Ultra Quiet Hang On Fish Tank Filter with Surface Skimmer,Power Waterfall Suspension Oxygen Pump Filter for Fish Tank Quiet Working -Pet Supplies


  • We provide a 12-month product warranty and friendly customer service
  • Super Quiet fish tank filter-Our suspended aquarium filter adopts an ultra-quiet design,it can quietly deliver clear water to the entire fish tank without disturbing you and your family’s sleep.
  • (Such as a fish tank with a height of 30-50cm).
  • At the same time, it also increases the ornamental of the fish tank
  • No need to change the water to help you keep the water quality of the fish tank clean.This filter pushes water at a rate of 53 gallons per hour (GPH) and is suitable for tanks the size of 5-15 gallons
  • The betta fish tank filter also comes with a regulating switch, you can easily turn the knob to control the water flow as needed.
  • Add Oxygen to Aquarium-The waterfall design increases the contact between water and air, achieves the effect of increasing oxygen
  • After-Sales service-Our aquarium filter is made of high-quality environmentally friendly materials, sturdy and durable, and has a longer service life.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us
  • Note: We are now upgrading and improving the product, so there are old models and upgraded models that are shipped randomly, and they work the same.
  • Automatic cleaning -This aquarium water filter comes with a surface skimmer filter, so it can automatically adjust the height or rotate according to the water level, remove water surface stains, better clean the water quality, and provide more comfort for your beloved fish Clean living environment.
  • 53 GPH Aquarium Filter -This is a new type filter for fish tank,Better to use than other types in the market,suitable for water filtration, oxygenation, and removal of impurities

23. Funny Aquarist Fish Tank Design Aquarium Fishkeeper T-Shirt -Filter Accessories

By Aquarist Designs

  • Ideal for all Aquarium enthusiasts who love goldfish and ornamental fish and like to keep them in an aquarium.
  • This design is the perfect gift for all aquarists who love to keep fish in their aquarium and are equipped with fish food, thermometer, plants, windscreen cleaner, gravel, landing net, filter and air pump.
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem

24. Aquarium -Apps & Games

By World Apps

  • Fish keeping Techniques and Types of Fishes used for Aquariums.
  • Aquarium Design and Decor, Fishes, Plants and Lighting.
  • Aquarium News, Research, Tips and Advice.
  • How to maintain and clean Saltwater Aquariums and Fresh Water Aquariums.

25. Intex 8.5′ x 5.3′ x 2.13′ Rectangular Frame Above Ground Backyard Swimming Pool -Patio, Lawn & Garden

By Intex

  • Great outdoor fun for ages 6 and up.
  • INCLUDES: Swimming pool and set up instructions for help with set up and maintenance
  • SUMMERTIME FUN: Escape the summer heat and help keep your little ones cool with the Intex Rectangular Frame Baby Pool
  • Disclaimer: Please review your HOA rules and restrictions before purchasing this product
  • CONVENIENT DRAINING: Convenient drain plug connects to garden hose so water can be drained away from pool or house area.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Pool type: Above ground frame; Material: Heavy-duty PVC and polyester 3-ply side walls; Ages: 6 and up; Color: Blue; Dimensions (L x W x H): 8.5 x 5.3 x 2.13 feet
  • Supported by strong, durable steel frames which are powder-coated for rust resistance and beauty; Rust-resistant frame to keep the pool sturdy though many afternoons of splashing.
  • DESIGN: Easy to assemble, ready for water in 30 minutes
  • Pump, filter, cover, and ladder not included.
  • Not all housing agencies permit private above-ground pools

26. Funny Aquarium Fish Design Baby Fish Siphon Tank T-Shirt -Fish & Aquariums

By Aquarium Designs

  • This design is the perfect gift for all aquarists who love to keep fish in their aquarium and are equipped with fish food, thermometer, plants, windscreen cleaner, gravel, landing net, filter and air pump.
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem
  • Ideal for all Aquarium enthusiasts who love goldfish and ornamental fish and like to keep them in an aquarium.

27. Penn-Plax Cascade Max Flow Aquarium Canister Filter – Great for Extra Large Fish Tanks – Freshwater and Saltwater Compatible – 820 Gallons per Hour (GPH) -Pet Supplies

By Penn-Plax

  • EXTRA LARGE AQUARIUM, NO PROBLEM: Without effort, the Cascade Max Flow Canister Filter runs at a stunning 820 Gallons per Hour! This filter is purposely designed for larger aquariums, ranging from 164 to 273 gallons
  • Though, optimal size is 205 gallons
  • COOL AND UNIQUE FEATURES: In addition to a simple and intuitive set up, the Cascade Max Flow Canister Filter is self-priming, and features durable and secure non-slip pads
  • THAT’S ONE BIG FILTER: Overall measurements are 16.15” (W) x 15” (D) x 23.6” (H)
  • The two 360° independent valve taps rotate fully, allowing the included large diameter tubes to handle a steady and powerful water flow
  • As for the Cascade Max Flow, there’s no need to unscrew tubes! Simply release the value base from the filter’s top! Maintenance made easy!
  • While the Cascade Max Flow Canister Filter comes with Bio-Floss Pads and a coarse Bio-Sponge, you can place additional filter media inside to best meet your aquarium’s demands.
  • EASY WAY TO GET A DIRTY JOB DONE: We all know that maintenance on a canister filter can get messy, and honestly, a bit frustrating at times
  • Flow rate can be adjusted by the top’s handle.
  • It’s compatible for both freshwater and saltwater setups, and is great for turtle habitats!
  • CONVENIENT, CUSTOMIZABLE, AND COLOSSAL: Inside the belly of this beast, there are 4 large stackable media baskets / trays, with built-in handles for utmost convenience of handling

28. Penn Plax Cascade Hang-on Aquarium Filter With Quad Filtration System Cleans Up to 100 Gallon Tank (CPF5),Cascade 300 -Pet Supplies

By Penn-Plax

  • Aquarium filter is recommended for both freshwater and saltwater applications.
  • Activated carbon cartridge removes harmful chemicals, toxins, odors, discoloration, and other contaminants for your aquarium.
  • Internal sponge optimizes colonization of beneficial anaerobic bacteria and polyfiber floss cartridge traps floating particulate matter.
  • Hang on aquarium filter quietly delivers 300 gallons per hour of crystal clear water for your fresh or marine aquariums from 55 to 100 gallons in size.
  • Adjustable flow knob allows you to reduce filtration during feeding times or as needed
  • Revolutionary Bio-Falls Quad-Filtration system provides efficient filtration with anaerobic bacteria for additional ammonia and nitrite removal providing maximum oxygenation.

29. Hygger Horizon 8 Gallon LED Glass Aquarium Kit for Starters with 7W Power Filter Pump, 18W Colored led Light, Wide View Curved Shape Fish Tank with Undetachable 3D Rockery Background Decor -Pet Supplies

By hygger

  • Please NOTE this filter may be too strong for small fish that is not long than 2 inch, may suck small fish, if you keep small in the tank, please don’t run the filter or don’t run it all the time
  • When it holds full water, the whole tank weighs about 68 pounds.
  • The 3D background makes the whole aquarium looks cool like a dream word underwater, is a great rest, play spot, shelters for little fish
  • Mutil-modes LED LightThe aquarium led light is DC12V/18W, with extendable brackets, length can be adjusted from 0 to 19 inch
  • Multi-protection PackingWe used 3 layers of packing to pack the aquarium kit and with light lifting label, the innermost layers is a super sturdy poly foam with excellent cushion
  • Durable Power FilterThe aquarium power filter is 7W 110GPH, for 2-8 gallon tank use
  • It’s a super quiet and durable filter, and can be use for low water, the upper part is the 2 stage filtration system, the bottom part is water pumping systerm to pump the water upward
  • We have done the shipping test by sending 3 of the packs to 3 different distance places and find the glass tanks are still in good condition when received
  • It has a external digital controller, you can use it to set the lighting time to 3, 6 or 12 hours, to adjust the light brightness from 100% to 10%, 5 levels of brightness in total, to shift the light modes: White LEDS, Blue+white+red LEDS, Red+ blue LEDS.
  • This glass fish tank has a unique convex arc curve shape, can widen your view on the aquarium, and can hold more capacity of water
  • Also you can plant some green grass on the rockery mountain.
  • The total tank volume is 8 gallon, it can hold 6 gallon of water, because the tank has a undetachable 3D background decor
  • So don’t worry the tank will not be broken during the shipping, if you find tank broken when open the package, please take a photo and send it to the seller.
  • New View Curved TankTank size: 19″ L x 11.8″ W x 9.6″ H
  • Hygger Aquarium Kit Includesone 7W 110GPH internal power filter pump, one colored led aquarium light, one 8 gallon glass tank with a decorative 3D rockery mountain background

30. Ultra Quiet Fish Tank Filter 4-in-1 Internal Aquarium Filter,500-1800L/H Submersible Water Pump Oxygen Filter Wave Maker Water Change for Betta, Turtle, Pond Fish, Garden. (6W 134GPH (500L/H)) -Pet Supplies

By JackSuper

  • Multi-function free switching : This filter come with 3 kinds of water outlet,you can switch increase oxygen and filtration, wave maker pump, water change and pump water function easily
  • easy to seperate and clean.
  • Wide applications – This Ultra quiet designed filter water pump fits 1-50 gal tank,has a wide range of applications that it can be used in aquariums, ecological tanks, breeding ponds, landscape tubes, gardens, rockery fountains, Waterfalls, Hydroponic systems, Irrigation systems etc.
  • Effecticent filteration designed Increase filter box size and install 2 pieces sponge,which can effectively filter waste and improve the circulation system to maintain a clean water environment
  • Submersible pump function Ip68 Waterproof,it can used as a submersible pump with diameter of 12 / 16mm outlet,compatible with most of the hose caliber.
  • Product parameter Power: 6Watt, Maximal Flow Rate: 134GPH (500L/H), Maximal Lift height: up to 0.8M, Length of power cord:1.1M.

31. PULACO Ultra Quiet Aquarium Hang on Filter (66GPH 3W), Small Fish Tank Filter for 3 to 10 Gallons Tank -Pet Supplies


  • Features:Quick and easy installation, Traps dirt, removes impurities and offers maximum water to filter sponge contact.
  • Lifetime warranty and 24 Hour Professional After-sales Service.
  • In the remote possibility that you’re not satisfied with our product, just contact us, and we will gladly give you a new Aquarium Filter replacement
  • QUIET & EFFICIENT: The PULACO Aquarium Hang-On Filter quietly delivers crystal clear water throughout the aquarium
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEEDOur Aquarium Filter is built with durability in mind and safety for every design
  • we recommend that you clean aquarium filter every 2 weeks for maximum operation and efficiency.
  • note: Before you install this filter, please read this instruction carefully and keep it for future reference
  • This filter pushes water at 66 Gallons per Hour (GPH) for tanks 3 to 10 Gallons in size
  • It’s great for Freshwater and Saltwater aquariums.
  • Adjustable Flow: The adjustable flow knob allows for increased or decreased water flow at will, which is extremely helpful during feeding times, or use it as needed.

32. MarineLand Magnum Polishing Internal Canister Filter, For aquariums Up To 97 Gallons, 10.5 IN (ML90770-00) -Pet Supplies

By MarineLand

  • VERSATILE FILTRATION: Two refillable chambers house carbon or customizable filter media.
  • INTERNAL CANISTER FILTER: Submerged motor for quick and easy startup.
  • FOR aquariumS UP TO 97 GALLONS: Capable of filtering 290 gallons of water per hour.
  • Included Components: Marineland Magnum Polishing Internal Canister Filer (Ml90770)
  • MICRON WATER POLISHING: High-efficiency polishing with the micron cartridge (included).

33. HuYaYa Pre-Filter Sponge,4 Pack Aquarium Pre Filter Foam Rolls Compatible Filter Accessories for Fish Tank -Pet Supplies

By HuYaYa

  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: these sponges are made from the high quality filtration foam,safe to your fish, good for freshwater and saltwater environments.
  • ENHANCE FILTRATION: these pre-filter sponges could help to trap particles and debris,and prolong the life of your filter media,provide efficient water flow with less clogging for long lasting filtration.
  • DIMENSION: approx
  • 8.5x5cm/3.4×2 inch cylinder, the inside hole diamenter is 2.1cm/0.8 inch,please note these foam are pre filter sponges,so only have single hole.
  • A MUST HAVE ACCESSORIES FOR FISH TANK FILTER: premium pre-filter foam sponges can be quickly and easily attached to the fish tank intake tube stem, preventing small or weaker inhabitants from being drawn into the filter.
  • A SECURATY FOR YOUR FISH HABITATE: give your fish pet a securaty habitate! these cylinder pre-filter sponge suit for all shrimp tank owners and anyone else who has small fish in their tank,provide them a safe environment.

34. ANBULL 950GPH Pond Filter Pump, 110V/37W Fountain Submersible Water Pump can Adjust Water Flow, High Efficiency Filter Water Pump for Clearing Pond Garden Waterfall Fish Tank Aquarium -Filter Accessories

By Anbull

  • 100% factory tested quality assurance, our 12-month worry-free warranty and friendly customer service
  • ④Fountain: Two fountain styles add charm to your pond.
  • ③Pumping: The pumping flow can be adjusted to meet the daily pumping needs of the pond
  • High efficiency filtration: Powerful pond filter pump with multiple filter system, built-in two large filter sponge can efficiently filter debris and suspended particles in water, create a clean and beautiful pond for you.
  • ②The observation window can check the lamp work condition
  • Detailed design: ①Portable handle is easy to move
  • ③The height of the fountain tube can be adjusted at will
  • ⑤Precision wick parts can work better
  • ④Tee adjuster can adjust the size of water flow
  • ⑥Safety clip open/close cover is more convenient.
  • What you get? One 950GPH pond filter pump, two fountain heads and one user manual
  • Foutain pump can be used in large or small ponds, let you use it more comfortably.
  • ②Lamp: 13W work lamp effectively inhibit aquatic organisms and keep fish clean and healthy
  • Inverter fountain pump: 950 GPH filter pump has inverter technology, max flow rate 3600 L/h, applicable water volume 6000L, which saves energy, electricity and money
  • If you have any questions, please contact us in time.
  • 4 in 1 multifunctional system: ①Filtration: The pond pump can filter multiple times to purify the water quality

35. Cascade CCF4UL Canister Filter For Large Aquariums and Fish Tanks – Up To 150 Gallons, Filters 315 GPH -Pet Supplies

By Penn-Plax

  • STATE OF THE ART FEATURES OF THE CASCADE 1200: flow valves that rotate 360 degrees for easy maneuvering in even the tightest aquarium cabinets large capacity media baskets allow aquarists to customize to their media needs push button primer allows for a quick and easy prime of the filter includes a spray bar, tubing, directional spout for customization, and filter medium
  • USE ANY COMBINATION OF MEDIA: floss pad for removing particulate matter and a course sponge that provides abundant surface for promoting bacterial growth (to remove ammonia and nitrites) included free with purchase
  • FILTER MEDIA OPTIONS BY CASCADE AVAILABLE ON AMAZON, SOLD SEPARATELY: see below for details, sold separately is media such as: bio-floss, bio-sponge, bio-rings, filt-a-pack pro-z, and filt-a-pack pro-carb-z
  • SEE BELOW FOR DIAGRAM, THE CASCADE 1200 INCLUDES: Flow rate control cut-off valves two independent directional 360 degree rotating valve taps swimming pool – style hose clamps quick, easy, push button self-primer extra-large capacity stackable filter medium containers with lift-up handles floss pad and coarse sponge included, free with each canister filter easy lift alignment clamps that release vacuum suction sturdy tip-proof base
  • CASCADE CANISTER FILTER FOR FRESHWATER OR MARINE ENVIRONMENTS: the Cascade 1200 (CCF4UL) has 4 media baskets, works at 315 GPH, and is recommended for Aquariums up to 150 gallons
  • It measures 11.5 x 20.5 x 11 inches

36. Amazingstar Aquarium Canister Filter with 3 Media Trays Spray Bar External Canister Filter for Fish Tank, 650F-171GPH -Pet Supplies

By Amazingstar

  • EASY MAINTENANCE: Valve block for quick release to shut down water flow – separates from housing for quick, spill-free maintenance.
  • VERSATILE: For freshwater and saltwater aquariums.
  • If you find any problems in the process of operating the machine, please feel free to contact us, 24 hours online service for you!
  • 3-STAGE FILTRATION: Water flows through media layers to filter water and ensure a clean aquatic environment.
  • FAST SETUP: Water-tight canister lid lifts up for easy removal.
  • Filter Foam pads screen out dirt and debris.Fills filter chamber with water for self-priming system startup.Please refer to the 6th main picture for the operation guide, the last main picture for operation precautions

37. Yochaqute Aquarium External Canister Filter: 9W 130GPH Quiet Compact Fish Tank Filter Pump for 15-60 Gallon Saltwater | Turtle Tank | Water Filtration System -Pet Supplies

By Yochaqute

  • Multiple Filtration The aquarium filter adopts U-shaped flow channel design to make full use of the internal space of the filter
  • Both inlet and outlet can be adjusted
  • Clean the filter sponge regularly, rinse or replace the filter material as needed to maintain the best filter performance
  • 24-hour professional after-sales service.
  • Hanging installation or standing installation according to actual use
  • Unique Water Spray The aquarium canister filter is equipped with a rain spray pipe to achieve more oxygen aeration and water flow, which is most suitable for oxygen supplementation and water circulation in aquariums
  • Designed with double buckle and SBR rubber ring
  • High Efficiency & Ultra-Quiet The fish tank filter pump is equipped with 9W high-quality copper motor that is durable and stable
  • Ceramic ring and bio-sponge can absorb impurities, fish manure, peculiar smell
  • It can hold various filters filter material, filtering effect is excellent, the user can also according to need to configure the filter material
  • Spraying water on the water don’t affect your cute pet, and create superior water environment for fish and make fish much livelier.
  • It is suitable for betta fish, turtles, corals, koi, salt water and fresh water.
  • Two Installation Method The aquarium external filter is equipped with a hose (24.8 inch) that can be cut freely
  • Water flows through media layers to filter water and ensure a clean aquatic environment
  • It provides a spacious and comfortable environment Suitable for all kinds of fish tank, turtle tank, aquarium, etc.
  • It provides effective and thorough physical and biological filtration.
  • Doesn’t take up space inside
  • Less than 30dB, you can use it in your bedroom aquariums
  • Just need to open the buckle and fill up with water before running
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty
  • Ensure the sealing of filter head cover and the barrel
  • With high-strength and low-friction rotor, it gives you a silent environment while providing enough power to keep water moving swiftly
  • Convenient to clean
  • 3-stage filtration includes ceramic ring and biological sponge
  • Easy to Use Quickly assembles and disassembles
  • The max flow rate is 130GPH

38. Penn Plax Cascade CCF3UL Canister Filter For Large Aquariums and Fish Tanks – Up To 100 Gallons, Filters 265 GPH,Blue -Pet Supplies

By Penn-Plax

  • USE ANY COMBINATION OF MEDIA: floss pad for removing particulate matter and a course sponge that provides abundant surface for promoting bacterial growth (to remove ammonia and nitrites) included free with purchase
  • STATE OF THE ART FEATURES OF THE CASCADE 1000: flow valves that rotate 360 degrees for easy maneuvering in even the tightest aquarium cabinets large capacity media baskets allow aquarists to customize to their media needs push button primer allows for a quick and easy prime of the filter includes a spray bar, tubing, directional spout for customization, and filter medium.
  • SEE BELOW FOR DIAGRAM, THE CASCADE 1000 INCLUDES: Flow rate control cut-off valves two independent directional 360 degree rotating valve taps swimming pool – style hose clamps quick, easy, push button self-primer extra-large capacity stackable filter medium containers with lift-up handles floss pad and coarse sponge included, free with each canister filter easy lift alignment clamps that release vacuum suction sturdy tip-proof base
  • FILTER MEDIA OPTIONS BY CASCADE AVAILABLE ON AMAZON, SOLD SEPARATELY: see below for details, sold separately is media such as: bio-floss, bio-sponge, bio-rings, filt-a-pack pro-z, and filt-a-pack pro-carb-z.
  • It measures 11.5 x 17 x 10 inches.
  • CASCADE CANISTER FILTER FOR FRESHWATER OR MARINE ENVIRONMENTS: the Cascade 1000 (CCF3UL) has 3 media baskets, works at 265 GPH, and is recommended for Aquariums up to 100 gallons

39. Ohuhu 400GPH Submersible Water Pump, 25W Ultra Quiet Detachable Water Pump, 1500L/H with 6.9ft High Lift, 5.9ft Power Cord, 3 Nozzles for Aquarium, Fish Tank, Pond, Fountain, Statuary, Hydroponics -Filter Accessories

By Ohuhu

  • 3 Nozzles: each pump has 3 nozzles for you to choose from: 0.51″ /0.62″ /0.75″
  • Different water flow rates are provided according to your needs
  • The device can be disassembled without any tools and is very easy to clean.
  • Material: Sturdy ABS shell, full copper coil and stainless steel rotor, it can be used normally even in sea water.
  • Specifications: Mini size, only 3.15″ x 2.17″ x 2.36″, head 2.1m ( 6.9ft ), flow 400GPH, and equipped with 1.8m ( 5.9ft ) power cord and 1.5m ( 4.9ft ), can be widely used in various scenarios.
  • Ultra-quiet: You can only hear the sound of quiet water, you will not be annoyed by the noise of the machine.
  • The threaded joints can be more stable
  • Detachable & Cleanable: the pump of this size is easy to hide or cover
  • Can be used for fish tanks, rockery , Ponds, fountains and pastoral irrigation.

40. INCLY 7W Aquarium Air Pump 245 Gallon with 4 Adjustable Filter Outlet, Commercial & Quiet Water Hydroponics Oxygen Bubbler for Fish Tank Pond Air Stone -Filter Accessories


  • It is also perfectly suitable for using at all kinds of high-grade aquarium, aquaculture oxygenation or spout decoration
  • INCLY air pump is stable performance,ideal for small and medium-sized fish tank plus oxygen
  • 7W electromagnetic motor produces exceptional air pressure (Mas: 0.025 mpa) and sends a huge volume of air 245 gallon per hour for fish breath or root growth
  • Ultra Silent:with sound insulation design,it is extremely quiet when working,High/Low switch to choose from
  • 4 Air Outlet: Includes 4 outlet divider to manually control the air flow, perfect for aerate 4 of sponge filters or air stones at once
  • Low air flow with minimal noise, allow you to run it in the living room 24/7 without annoying sound.
  • High Effective:adopting electromagnetic vibration principle,there is not friction between moving parts,which can minimizing power consumption and offering high efficiency .Therefore no need for lubrication,make sure air is always clean

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Filter pump for fish tank – The Buyer’s Guide

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1. Does it have the features you need?

Wait for a minute before you buy the filter pump for fish tank, check if it has all the features in your requirement list! If it doesn’t have them, then you should avoid buying that particular model and start looking for an alternative. We always suggest our editors to make a list of important features before adding a product to a list and based on the feature, the quality of the product, brand-assurance, rank it! So if it has all you need, you should not mind paying a bit extra. However, if you end up buying the best filter pump for fish tank which doesn’t have the feature you need the most, then it won’t make sense! Would it? To us, it wouldn’t! That’s why you should make up a list which includes the features you are looking for, technical specifications if any, etc and come up with a budget.

2. Budget and Price Match

Well, you obviously can’t buy the best filter pump for fish tank with a low budget. That’s why it’s important to make note of all the important features, specs, factors and come up with a budget. Once you are ready with it, look for the products which are either equal to your budget or are close to it. Stick to the budget, because while browsing, you’ll see a model which is slightly better and has an additional feature with a really small price difference. Well, in that case you’ll have to calculate the price of the product which has all the required features and the filter pump for fish tank with the additional features. See if the difference in amount is worth for the feature? If you don’t have second thoughts, you shall probably increase your budget.

3. Warranty and Brand

Most of the filter pump for fish tank industry experts we got in touch suggested us to always buy the one which comes from a reputable brand. They also explicitly asked us to include the best brands so that users don’t buy the models from unknown brands or non-reputable companies. Because filter pump for fish tank from an unknown brand might be cheap at first glance, but could have high-maintenance and could cost a lot in repairs.

Another benefit of buying a filter pump for fish tank from a reputable brand would be warranty. Most of the filter pump for fish tank from reputable brands come with good warranty. However, cheap products do come with a warranty, but claiming it can be a herculean task. That’s why buy the models which come from known brands and have good warranty.

4. Check for Reviews and Ratings

Back then when the Internet wasn’t as big as it is today, local stores charged high and even ended up selling the products which sucked or wasn’t future proof. It’s because the salesman threw technical terms and confused the buyer. But nowadays, there are sites like ours which does all the research and lists down the best models and there are eCommerce stores like Amazon which has user reviews which can be read to know the experience of the user with that particular filter pump for fish tank. Isn’t it great?

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