Google top tech spender on lobbying

Google top tech spender on lobbying
Written by Michael Sheetz
Google has ended up sending a total of $21.7 million on lobbying in 2018 so that it can influence lawmakers in becoming the leading corporate spender in all the tech companies. A lot of scrutinies is being faced by the company from the United States regulators over the whole privacy practices. Lobbying spending by almost all the companies and there has been a steady rise in the past the few years. A lot of scrutinies is being faced by all the tech companies because of the privacy laws. All the privacy laws of the United States have been revised. The report said:
“No company in America is pouring more money into those efforts than Google.”
Last year, the company spent $ 21.7 million on lobbying, according to the Centre for Responsive Politics. In the year 2009, Google has ended up spending a total of $4 million on lobbying. The number has increased drastically over the years. For the last two years, Google has been the topmost corporate spender in the global market. For a lot of years, the market caps have been climbing along with all the consumer influence which is the largest United States tech companies. There have been reports out last week, which has been released, the Justice Department is preparing an antitrust probe of Google. The FTC also is known as The Federal Trade Commission has assumed that Facebook and Amazon are overseeing all the laws. Before the last regulatory development, lawmakers on all the sides of the aisle up to the pressure on all the companies whose business are related to tech. Microsoft was the company which used about $9.6 million in lobbying. For the last two years, the company used a total of $8.7 million but this year they decided to increase their investment. Source

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