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30 Best pregnancy exercise dvd 2022 – After 192 hours of research and testing.

Written by Alex Rowe

Now that you are here, you must be looking for the best pregnancy exercise dvd! If you aren’t for it, you shall use our search and look for the topic you are interested in. As this piece is a lengthy one and covers a few more aspects other than the best list, they are the best pregnancy exercise dvd brands in United States of America and a buyer’s guide for making an informed buying decision.

Before we begin with the list, We ask you to make a list of things that you are looking for in a pregnancy exercise dvd. It could be anything which you’ll require when doing tasks. This will help you have some clarity about the important things and will help you save money by not overspending on the features you won’t use or a product that has more features!

You surely are here for being able to make an informed buying decision when it comes to pregnancy exercise dvd and you must be looking for the list, We know that! But before we begin, we’d like to tell you that, this is the most unbiased list ever, it has specs, lists down the features of the pregnancy exercise dvd, best brands and has a dedicated buyer’s guide for people in United States of America.

Full Disclosure: This article might have a few external links to Amazon and other informative sources. When you make a purchase on Amazon using our link, we’ll earn a small fee without you having to pay extra for the item. This helps us keep the site running and publishing more awesome content, add more research and never let people buy bad-quality products!

Best pregnancy exercise dvd in 2021

2. Fit & Sleek Prenatal Physique- Prenatal Workout with Complete Pregnancy Training Plan -Movies & TV

  • Relaxing prenatal yoga stretch segment
  • Prenatal workout for all 3 trimesters of pregnancy
  • Created by Leah Sarago
  • 15 minute workout segments for a total body workout
  • Follows ACOG guidelines for safety

4. Best Prenatal Yoga DVD with Exercises for Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced (Julie Schoen) Vinyasa Fitness Video Workout for Pregnancy All Trimesters Natural Childbirth – Meditation and Maternity -Movies

  • Prepare Mentally And Physically For Labor And Delivery
  • Stay Active During Pregnancy
  • Connect With Baby On A Different Level
  • Rest, Restore, And Rejuvenate Before Birth
  • 60 Minutes Of Prenatal Yoga For Healthy, Happy Mommies To Be!

6. Prenatal Yoga -Movies & TV

By Gaiam – Fitness

  • Gentle workout with seated poses
  • Gentle workout with standing poses and floor workouts
  • Guided relaxation
  • Calm meditation and deep breathing techniques

7. Body By Trimester (2012) -Movies & TV

By Body By Trimester- Pregnancy Exercise DVD Series

  • Bonus clip on exercise guidelines during pregnancy, from OB/GYN Dr
  • 3 Pregnancy Workout DVD’s included that follow ACOG guidelines
  • Waters
  • Bonus clip on Diastasis Recti
  • Abdominal toning for each trimester of your pregnancy
  • 9 total unique workouts lead by pregnant personal trainer and pre/post natal exercise specialist

8. Suzanne Bowen’s Slim & Toned Prenatal Barre Workout (2012) -Movies & TV

By Suzanne Bowen Fitness

  • Bonus Health Tips
  • Workouts: Lean Lower Body, Slim Upper Body and Core, Cardio Sculpt
  • Bonus Stretching Segment

10. Suzanne Bowen’s Long and Lean Prenatal Workout -Movies

By Ruah Mind Body Movement

  • For pregnancy
  • Suzanne Bowen and Leah Sarago
  • Suzanne Bowen’s newest DVD release.
  • Prenatal workout
  • 2009

11. Yoga Journal and Lamaze present: Yoga for your pregnancy -Movies & TV

By Bayview Entertainment

  • Features practices for both energy and relaxation
  • Includes bonus birthing-room yoga and postnatal practices
  • Yoga can be safely practiced throughout your pregnancy
  • Offers insight, knowledge and meditation techniques
  • Face the physical and emotional changes of your body with focus and grace

12. Yoga During Pregnancy: Without Prior Yoga Exp -Movies & TV


  • Exercises and breathing techniques specially developed to prepare for giving birth.Yoga during Pregnancy is good for your body, your spirit and your baby
  • Zoe Miku qualified as a yoga teacher at the University of Villeret, Switzerland, and assembled these exercise
  • Deliberate breathing, exercises and relaxation support your body and spirit in adapting to pregnancy, and prepare you for giving birth

16. What To Expect When You’re Expecting – Workout [DVD] -Movies & TV


  • Lionsgate Home Entertainment What To Expect When You’re Expecting – Workout

17. Gentle Yoga Stretch: 2 Simple, Mindful 30-Minute Practices to Improve Stability, Mobility, Flexibility and Relaxation with Jessica Smith [DVD] -Movies & TV

By In Wellness Systems LLC

  • No previous yoga experience required, no chanting or sanskrit terminology used
  • Easy, Simple Stretches for The Entire Body
  • Gentle Yoga

20. Yoga for Beginners Deluxe 6 DVD Set: 8 Yoga Video Routines for Beginners. Includes Gentle Yoga Workouts to Increase Strength & Flexibility -Movies & TV

By Body Wisdom Media

  • Experience yoga in a whole new way that increases your strength, flexibility & energy levels while reducing stress.
  • 12 customized routines that make all the physical and mental benefits of yoga available to everyone
  • Choose from 12 easy-to-follow customized routines ranging from 15-60 minutes

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21. RehabZone Low Back Pain and Core Exercise Plan: Physician Endorsed Low Back Pain Home Exercise and Rehabilitation Program -TV

By Innovations for Wellness, LLC

  • REVOLUTIONARY PROGRAM: The goals of this program are to: 1) Target specific muscles for those wanting to reduce low back pain, hip pain, SI joint pain, sciatica, and bursitis
  • CREATED BY PROFESSIONALS: The RehabZone Low Back and Core Strength Program was created by a Board Certified Rehabilitation Physician and Master Personal Trainer to teach people people how to treat low back pain and get a stronger core from home
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Your RehabZone Purchase & Complete Satisfaction is Unconditionally Guaranteed by Innovations for Wellness, LLC
  • FUN, EFFECTIVE, EASY TO FOLLOW: The program is easy to follow with clear instructions
  • 2) Improve core strength, flexibility and balance while reducing low back pain flareups.
  • If you are less than 100% Satisfied with this program for ANY reason, we sincerely urge you to take advantage of our “Pain-Free” Refund Policy.
  • Each routine has been carefully designed by professionals to get the maximum benefit in the least amount of time
  • This package includes 3 DVD’s (Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3) as well as an instruction manual
  • Each DVD has four 20 minute sessions for a total of 12 different programs.
  • Each level will start with a gentle warm-up, progress to the low back and core strength portion of the program, and end with a cool down.
  • If you are currently satisfied with your home exercise use program for back pain and core strength, please consider our program next time you are looking for an effective home training program.
  • TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONALS: Physicians, physical therapists, and personal trainers frequently recommend the RehabZone programs for patients and clients who are looking for the most effective, easy to follow home exercise and rehabilitation programs
  • You will be guided through a series of exercises that can be done from the comfort of your home

22. STOTT PILATES Prenatal Pilates DVD 2 DVD Set -TV


  • Package width: 19.304 cm
  • Package height: 3.048 cm
  • Package length: 13.716 cm
  • Product Type: SPORTING GOODS

25. Barre Fitness: 3 Ballet Inspired Cardio, Strength + Abs Routines to Sculpt, Slim with Jessica Smith -Movies & TV

By In Wellness Systems LLC

  • Filmed outdoors in sunny Florida, move with the sun, sky and water in the background
  • Includes cardio, strength and flexibility training – all in 1 DVD!
  • 3, 20-Minute Ballet Inspired, Varied Routines to Help You Slim, Sculpt and Stretch

26. Knocked-Up Fitness by Erica Ziel, 2 Prenatal DVD’s Set with Exercise Band (A $10 Value) -Movies & TV

  • Thera Band
  • Knocked-Up Fitness Prenatal DVD’s
  • Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness
  • Prenatal Pilates-Infused Fitness DVD
  • Prenatal Core Pilates Workouts DVD


By Acorn

  • Acorn Complete Pregnancy Fitness with Erin O’Brien DVD

Pregnancy exercise dvd – The Buyer’s Guide

You must have checked the above list, aren’t you mind-blown by the quality of products? Well, if you are then here’s a secret formula which we’ve used to choose them. You can use them too! The best part is, it works for all the product purchases you make! Besides, wouldn’t it be helpful to you, if you knew the factors we’ve considered to choose the pregnancy exercise dvd in the above list? So shall we begin with the guide and help you learn about the important factors?

1. Does it have the features you need?

Wait for a minute before you buy the pregnancy exercise dvd, check if it has all the features in your requirement list! If it doesn’t have them, then you should avoid buying that particular model and start looking for an alternative. We always suggest our editors to make a list of important features before adding a product to a list and based on the feature, the quality of the product, brand-assurance, rank it! So if it has all you need, you should not mind paying a bit extra. However, if you end up buying the best pregnancy exercise dvd which doesn’t have the feature you need the most, then it won’t make sense! Would it? To us, it wouldn’t! That’s why you should make up a list which includes the features you are looking for, technical specifications if any, etc and come up with a budget.

2. Budget and Price Match

Well, you obviously can’t buy the best pregnancy exercise dvd with a low budget. That’s why it’s important to make note of all the important features, specs, factors and come up with a budget. Once you are ready with it, look for the products which are either equal to your budget or are close to it. Stick to the budget, because while browsing, you’ll see a model which is slightly better and has an additional feature with a really small price difference. Well, in that case you’ll have to calculate the price of the product which has all the required features and the pregnancy exercise dvd with the additional features. See if the difference in amount is worth for the feature? If you don’t have second thoughts, you shall probably increase your budget.

3. Warranty and Brand

Most of the pregnancy exercise dvd industry experts we got in touch suggested us to always buy the one which comes from a reputable brand. They also explicitly asked us to include the best brands so that users don’t buy the models from unknown brands or non-reputable companies. Because pregnancy exercise dvd from an unknown brand might be cheap at first glance, but could have high-maintenance and could cost a lot in repairs.

Another benefit of buying a pregnancy exercise dvd from a reputable brand would be warranty. Most of the pregnancy exercise dvd from reputable brands come with good warranty. However, cheap products do come with a warranty, but claiming it can be a herculean task. That’s why buy the models which come from known brands and have good warranty.

4. Check for Reviews and Ratings

Back then when the Internet wasn’t as big as it is today, local stores charged high and even ended up selling the products which sucked or wasn’t future proof. It’s because the salesman threw technical terms and confused the buyer. But nowadays, there are sites like ours which does all the research and lists down the best models and there are eCommerce stores like Amazon which has user reviews which can be read to know the experience of the user with that particular pregnancy exercise dvd. Isn’t it great?

The Verdict

We hope that you loved the pregnancy exercise dvd we’ve listed in our best list. If it has been helpful, please bookmark our website and share it with people you know whenever they plan to buy something.

To wrap up this guide,

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