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17 Best Brass Grill Brush 2022 – After 195 hours of research and testing.

Written by Michael Sheetz

Now that you are here, you must be looking for the best brass grill brush! If you aren’t for it, you shall use our search and look for the topic you are interested in. As this piece is a lengthy one and covers a few more aspects other than the best list, they are the best brass grill brush brands in United States of America and a buyer’s guide for making an informed buying decision.

Before we begin with the list, We ask you to make a list of things that you are looking for in a brass grill brush. It could be anything which you’ll require when doing tasks. This will help you have some clarity about the important things and will help you save money by not overspending on the features you won’t use or a product that has more features!

You surely are here for being able to make an informed buying decision when it comes to brass grill brush and you must be looking for the list, We know that! But before we begin, we’d like to tell you that, this is the most unbiased list ever, it has specs, lists down the features of the brass grill brush, best brands and has a dedicated buyer’s guide for people in United States of America.

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Best brass grill brush in 2022

1. BBQ Butler Brass Grill Brush – Large Triple-Headed Grill Brush – Cleaning Brush – Barbecue Wire Brush – BBQ Tools – BBQ Accessories – Porcelain Grill Brush – Great for All Smoker/Grill Grates -Patio, Lawn & Garden

By BBQ Butler

  • CONVENIENT STORAGE – A sturdy metal loop on the end of the handle allows for easy storage with other grill tools
  • DURABLE DESIGN – Use it as one of your grill accessories on whatever grill/smoker needs a deep clean, this grill cleaning brush is built to last
  • BRASS BRISTLES – BBQ Butler Brass Grill Brush has bristles soft enough to avoid damaging porcelain-coated grates while being strong enough to clean ALL types of grates
  • 3 BRUSH HEADS – The 3 brush system allows you to reach any part of the grate with ease
  • USER-FRIENDLY LENGTH – Measuring 17 inches long, this outdoor grill brush lets you clean from a pain-free distance; the length of the grill brush also provides leverage for an easier clean

2. Backyard Dudes BBQ Grill Cleaning Brass Brush 21″ -Made in USA -Heavy Duty Real Brass Extra Wide Two Levels of bristles are Soft Safe for Porcelain Enamel grates (21 Inches) (21 Inches) -Grilling & Barbecue Utensils

By Backyard Dudes

  • BBQ-GRILL BRUSH is easy to clean and DISHWASHER SAFE top rack
  • Quality build by American Workers with American Brass & Steel
  • Perfect 21″ size for smaller BBQ Grills, Take camping, Tail-Gate BBQ clean-up fast n easy
  • BBQ Grill Brass Brush 21” MADE IN USA 7 inches wide for Porcelain Charcoal, Gas, infrared
  • other counterfeit sellers are at bottom of this product page offer cheap China products
  • Purchased directly from Backyard Dudes

3. Brushtech B106C Wide-Faced 12-Inch Barbecue Grill Brush,White -Patio, Lawn & Garden

By Brushtech

  • The high tensile strength brass bristles are long lasting and will not scratch porcelain grills
  • Cleans the biggest of grills in less than one minute

4. RubberMaid BBQ Grill Brush (FGG10012) -Patio, Lawn & Garden

By Rubbermaid

  • 10-1/2 Inch
  • Steel scraper to remove hardened grime
  • Crimped brass bristles
  • Black plastic block

5. Grillaholics Pro Brass Grill Brush – Softer Brass Bristle Wire Grill Brush for Safely Cleaning Porcelain and Ceramic Grates – Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty -Grilling & Barbecue Utensils

By Grillaholics

  • That’s why Grillaholics Pro Grill Cleaning Brush is built from heavy duty stainless brass and triple machine tested to the highest safety standards
  • Own a Char-Broil, Weber, Big Green Egg, Blackstone, gas grills, charcoal, smokers, infrared?…Our premium grill cleaning brush doesn’t discriminate
  • For Grillaholics
  • That’s how confident we are in our products
  • We get it
  • You break it…we’ll replace it
  • Recommended for ALL grill types, brass bristles are softer and won’t scratch porcelain and ceramic grill grates
  • Add your grill brush to your cart and experience the Grillaholics 5-star customer experience! Built by Grillaholics
  • Our brushes are 50% stronger and last 25% longer than other inferior grill brushes.
  • ⬇️ Check out the Special Offers and Promotions section below to save on barbeque accessories today.
  • Stop cleaning and start grilling
  • Our grill brush is designed with maximum speed and efficiency in mind, so you can spend more time grilling and less time cleaning
  • It’ll scrape burnt-on food off any type or brand of grill with ease!
  • With more grill brush choices than any other grilling accessories company on the market, why would you settle for anything less?!? Reengineered and BUILT TOUGH, never worry about breaking your grill brush again
  • Designed to be the equivalent of 3 traditional brushes, you’ll be able to clean up to 5x faster than a traditional bbq brush or bristle-free brush!
  • We know a TRUE Grillaholic like yourself deserves only the best, which is why we back our grill tools with a LIFETIME money back guarantee
  • Bristles are great for cleaning your grill, but are a HORRIBLE addition to your deliciously grilled meal
  • At 18 inches, our brushes are long enough to keep you safe from heat, yet strong enough to demolish any burnt on food with ease.

6. Libman Long Handle Bbq Brush Scraper, Black, 8 Ounce -Grilling & Barbecue Utensils

By Libman

  • This grill brush features a black body with a grey grip.
  • This grill brush has 100 tufts of 3/4″ brass bristles for tough durability
  • The 19″ long handle comes with a hanger hook for convenient storage.

7. Libman Brass Grill Brush -Grilling & Barbecue Utensils

By Libman

  • Steel scraper attached
  • Ergonomic rubber grip
  • Handle designed for comfort and ease of use with grooves on top and bottom
  • 68 tufts of extra tough 3/4″ brass fibers
  • Hanger hole in handle

8. Do-Be Products Brass Grill Brush-Extra Long 21” for Best Reach and Leverage -Patio, Lawn & Garden

By Do-Be Products

  • GREAT GIFT – Perfect for all grills including weber, Traeger, George Foreman and Big Green Egg
  • LESS STRESS – This high quality bbq accessory tool is ergonomic design for easy grill cleaning
  • PREMIUM GRADE MATERIALS provide durability, accessibility and a flexibility
  • CONVENIENT – Longer handle with strong plastic grip provides control for fastest clean-up between grates
  • BRASS BRISTLES avoid scratching or damaging the surface of porcelain chrome or ceramic barbecues

9. Quickie 2077956 Grill Scrubbing Brush, Black -Grilling & Barbecue Utensils

By Quickie

  • 875 inches (W)
  • Steel scraper to remove hardened on grime
  • Ideal for cleaning grills
  • 5 inches (L) x 22
  • 5 inches (H) x 10
  • Crimped brass bristles
  • Package dimensions : 2

10. RSVP International BBQ Grill Cleaning Brush/Scraper, 17.5″ | Brass Bristles & Stainless Steel Scraper | Gas/Charcoal Grill | Dishwasher Safe -Grilling & Barbecue Utensils

By RSVP International

  • 9 inches in length
  • STORE EASILY: Hole on handle provides a convenient and easy storage option
  • 17.5 inches in length.
  • QUALITY FOR YOUR KITCHEN: Made of durable black plastic and brass bristles.
  • CLEANING MADE SIMPLE: Angled head for easier use, with built in scraper tackle the dirtiest grill.
  • EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: Dishwasher safe for quick and easy clean up.
  • SCRAPE OFF THE GREASE: A built in scraper makes this brush durable and long lasting.

11. Music City Metals 3-Pack Barbecue Grill Brush and Scraper – Brass Bristles – No Scratch Cleaning for Any Grill -Patio, Lawn & Garden

By Music City Metals

  • EFFORTLESS CLEANING with BRASS – Quickly removes burnt on residue and quickly gets your grill clean without damaging the grates with our BRASS bristles..
  • AMAZING VALUE – You get THREE grill brushes for the same price as one!
  • So stick with BRASS for the best combination of soft cleaning power and abrasiveness.
  • Keeps your grill looking and functioning like new!
  • BRASS BRISTLES – Brass is a better, softer metal perfect for porcelain grills
  • RECOMMENDED FOR ALL GRILL TYPES – Safe for Porcelain, Ceramic, Infrared, Weber, Char-Broil, etc
  • Stainless stell bristles on competing brands can scratch your grill
  • PREMIUM QUALITY – Don’t mess around with any other grill brush with messy and weak wire handles, it’s time to upgrade to a premium working bbq grill brush

12. RSVP International BBQ Cleaning Brush, 9″ Brass Bristles & Stainless Steel Scraper,Gas/Charcoal Grill Dishwasher Safe, Silver -Grilling & Barbecue Utensils

By RSVP International

  • Scrape off the grease: a built in scraper makes this brush durable and long lasting.
  • Store easily: hole on handle provides a convenient and easy storage option
  • 9 inches in length.
  • Cleaning made simple: angled head for easier use, with built in scraper tackle the dirtiest grill.
  • Easy to use and clean: dishwasher safe for quick and easy clean up.
  • Quality for your kitchen: Made of durable black plastic and brass bristles.

13. GRILLART Grill Brush and Scraper Best BBQ Brush for Grill, Safe 18″ Stainless Steel Woven Wire 3 in 1 Bristles Grill Cleaning Brush -Patio, Lawn & Garden


  • 【THE IDEAL HANDLE】18” long grill brush keep your hand safe from the heat generated by the barbecue grill
  • High- quality and non-slip material ensure it will not fall or break even under the great pressure
  • 【5X FASTER CLEANING】The grill brush has three brushes in one, each with its own equivalent stroke, equivalent to 3 traditional brush
  • Perfect angle between handle and bbq tray, easy for you to clean by applying less pressure, you will happy to see your grill become shining again so easy and quickly.
  • So clean 5x faster than ordinary bbq brush! Be prepared to clean every bit of residue with its innovative 360 degree rotater.
  • 【RECOMMENDED FOR ALL GRILL TYPES】Whether you have a charcoal, smoker, porcelain, infrared grill or other types like Weber grill or Foreman grill, your barbecue will be looking brand new in no time by use our grill brush and scraper.
  • 【WITH SCRAPER STRONG CLEAN GREASE】With a unique design, the grill scraper can clean stubborn stains deeply and efficiently.

14. Libman 568 Long Handle BBQ Brush with Built-In Scraper -Grilling & Barbecue Utensils

By Libman

  • Quality made in the USA since 1896
  • A long-handle grill brush with a dual-molded, ergonomic, rubber grip with a hanger hole for convenient storage
  • Built-in polypropylene scraper helps remove stuck-on debris
  • 18″ total brush length with a polypropylene scraper
  • Tough, staple-set, brass fibers help remove char and grit from the grill easily

15. Outset QB49 Rosewood Collection 3-Sided Grill Brush -Grilling & Barbecue Utensils

By Outset

  • Fine rosewood handle, traditional and dependable
  • Long, angled handle for optimal control and maneuverability
  • Three-sided grill brush cleans between grill grates and tough to reach places
  • 17.5″ length
  • Brass bristles are durable and won’t scratch surfaces

16. grilljoy 4PC Heavy Duty Safe BBQ Cleaner – Bristle Free& Wire Bristle Grill Brush Head with Scraper in Carrying Bag – Exclusive Barbecue Grill Brushes Set for All Grates – Universal Grill Tools Set -Grilling & Barbecue Utensils

By grilljoy

  • Equipped with two replace grilling brush heads are easily installing on the handle, which is suitable for all the types grills
  • 【REINFORCED LONG HANDLE NEVER BREAK】20.5inch grill cleaning brushes have a robust grip to clean even the toughest messes without falling apart
  • 【INNOVATIVE 5X FASTER WIRE GRILL BRUSH】Crafted with thousands of woven steel wire bristles, the extremely powerful wire bristle BBQ cleaner is strong enough to clean even the toughest messes without falling apart
  • The bbq cleaning brushes coming with a carrying bag can be a wonderful gift for family and friends who like grilling.
  • 【EFFORTLESSLY CLEAN YOUR GRILL IN SECONDS】 Both featured built-in scraper and notches, the BBQ cleaning brushes can easily remove any caked-on food or toughest residues, so it takes as little effort as possible to get your grill cleaner than ever
  • With 3-in-1 grilling brush, the wire brush covers 5x more surface area to get your job done properly.
  • Such multi-purpose type of barbecue brush is an exclusive version for diversified cleaning demands.
  • That means less time cleaning, and more time spent sharing stories around the grill with friends and family.
  • 【TWO GRILL BRUSH HEADS FOR ALL DEMANDS】One bbq brush comes with one replaceable brush head! The heavy duty grill brush set includes a storage bag, a robust handle and two different grill brush heads (wire grill brush + non-bristle bbq grill brush) for alternative use

17. Fox Run Wooden BBQ Grill Cleaning Brush, Brown -Grilling & Barbecue Utensils

By Fox Run

  • Brass bristles are durable and won’t scratch grill surface, great for scrubbing cast iron, metal, and steel grills
  • Constructed of sturdy wood with brass bristles and scraper
  • 1.5 x 2.75 x 18 inch
  • Wood handle provides an easy grip, won’t melt or slip like plastic
  • Equipped with a hanger on the handle to be stored on the grill or even in your home

Brass grill brush – The Buyer’s Guide

You must have checked the above list, aren’t you mind-blown by the quality of products? Well, if you are then here’s a secret formula which we’ve used to choose them. You can use them too! The best part is, it works for all the product purchases you make! Besides, wouldn’t it be helpful to you, if you knew the factors we’ve considered to choose the brass grill brush in the above list? So shall we begin with the guide and help you learn about the important factors?

1. Does it have the features you need?

Wait for a minute before you buy the brass grill brush, check if it has all the features in your requirement list! If it doesn’t have them, then you should avoid buying that particular model and start looking for an alternative. We always suggest our editors to make a list of important features before adding a product to a list and based on the feature, the quality of the product, brand-assurance, rank it! So if it has all you need, you should not mind paying a bit extra. However, if you end up buying the best brass grill brush which doesn’t have the feature you need the most, then it won’t make sense! Would it? To us, it wouldn’t! That’s why you should make up a list which includes the features you are looking for, technical specifications if any, etc and come up with a budget.

2. Budget and Price Match

Well, you obviously can’t buy the best brass grill brush with a low budget. That’s why it’s important to make note of all the important features, specs, factors and come up with a budget. Once you are ready with it, look for the products which are either equal to your budget or are close to it. Stick to the budget, because while browsing, you’ll see a model which is slightly better and has an additional feature with a really small price difference. Well, in that case you’ll have to calculate the price of the product which has all the required features and the brass grill brush with the additional features. See if the difference in amount is worth for the feature? If you don’t have second thoughts, you shall probably increase your budget.

3. Warranty and Brand

Most of the brass grill brush industry experts we got in touch suggested us to always buy the one which comes from a reputable brand. They also explicitly asked us to include the best brands so that users don’t buy the models from unknown brands or non-reputable companies. Because brass grill brush from an unknown brand might be cheap at first glance, but could have high-maintenance and could cost a lot in repairs.

Another benefit of buying a brass grill brush from a reputable brand would be warranty. Most of the brass grill brush from reputable brands come with good warranty. However, cheap products do come with a warranty, but claiming it can be a herculean task. That’s why buy the models which come from known brands and have good warranty.

4. Check for Reviews and Ratings

Back then when the Internet wasn’t as big as it is today, local stores charged high and even ended up selling the products which sucked or wasn’t future proof. It’s because the salesman threw technical terms and confused the buyer. But nowadays, there are sites like ours which does all the research and lists down the best models and there are eCommerce stores like Amazon which has user reviews which can be read to know the experience of the user with that particular brass grill brush. Isn’t it great?

The Verdict

We hope that you loved the brass grill brush we’ve listed in our best list. If it has been helpful, please bookmark our website and share it with people you know whenever they plan to buy something.

To wrap up this guide,

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