According to the CEO of Huawei: If Huawei trenches Android Google will lose almost 800 million users

According to the CEO of Huawei: If Huawei trenches Android Google will lose almost 800 million users
Written by Michael Sheetz
Huawei is one of the best smartphone makers in the world. But right now, they have a tendency to turn down the offer of implementing the Android OS. The US tech giant has also shown some fear of losing the users of a huge number. Ren Zhengfei stated in an interview that:
“[Huawei] will always be on the same line of interest, and if we don’t load Google’s system, Google will lose 700-800 million users in the future.”
The major portions of Chinese telecommunication were blocked by the administration of Trump. They were blacklisted because there was an accusation that they are spying for Beijing. Google shares its Android OS with many phones of Huawei. So the American Tech company denied the fact of dealing with Huawei. Android only has the permission to send software updates to Huawei up to the month of August, 19. But when the ban activates, the user will lose access on many google apps. They will only have the path to open the basic version of those applications. Huawei has said that right now, they are working with their own operating system which is known as Hingmeng.  This is a very popular OS. The CEO of this company said that this OS protects the growth of smartphones if Android gets replaced. The crackdown of the US has come to a level where the economies of two big tech giants are on a ground of simmering trade war. Washington is also trying to get out from the vision of Chinese trade of smartphones. They are also involving the 5G rollout across Europe. Many members of the EU are dealing with Huawei. Nations like the UK  is not showing any interest in this agenda. Hungary and Germany are participating in the movement of high-speed network launch. Spain is using its high-speed service in its 15 cities.

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