Spin restarts scooter business in four markets

Written by Toni Morrison

Spin, the electric scooter startup acquired by Ford in 2019 for nearly $100 million, has restarted operations in four U.S. markets as COVID-19 related closures begin to ease.

The company has resumed operations in Orlando, Nashville, Columbus, Ohio and St. Louis. The ramp up of operations will depend on the city, the company said. In Columbus, Spin has deployed its entire 200-scooter fleet, the largest number allowed under the city’s permit. Spin is putting fewer scooters than permits allow in other cities. The company said it will scale up its scooter numbers based on demand.

Spin was operating in about 70 markets, a figure that includes college campuses and cities, up until the COVID-19 pandemic caused governments to issue stay-at-home orders. The company has maintained operations in some areas that have allowed it.

Spin said it has “enhanced” its safety protocols, which includes disinfecting scooters more often and requiring employees to wear gloves and face shields during their shifts.

The scooters are now disinfected every time they’re picked up for charging or enter a warehouse, the company said. Scooters with higher usage will be cleaned more frequently — as much as twice a day or more, a spokesperson said when asked for more details.

At warehouses, where Spin scooters are maintained, charged and cleaned, workers are supplied with disinfectant materials to properly clean high-traffic surfaces between every shift. Employees also carry disinfectant materials with them out in the field to clean scooters on the spot.
Spin said it has been working directly with cities to fill transportation gaps and deploy scooters where they are most needed.

Separately, the company said it has extended through May 31 a program that gives essential healthcare workers free 30-minute rides and helmets.

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