TATA is planning to join the queue to get the clearance from the DGCA

TATA is planning to join the queue to get the clearance from the DGCA
Written by Colin Newlyn 
TATA has a new plan to join the ventures of Silicon Valley startup like Zipline. They can also join some technology companies like ShopX, Zomato, Swiggy. They need proper authorization from the  Directorate General of Civil Aviation which is known as DGCA. They can only give the permissions for the unmanned aerial vehicles which are known as drones. There were many players who have already applied for the few flying projects. The authority has recently extended the deadline to the date of 10th July. The permission should be made before that date. The organization is making machines with good branding and proper specifications. It was stated by a reliable source. Delivery, which is a logistics firm and Dunzo is a hyperlocal delivery firm with an intention to apply for the permission. This news was confirmed by multiple sources. The DGCA has given a call for the BVLOS drones which will give a new jump start for the drone services of TATA. GopiChand Katragadda is the chief technology officer. He has monitored all the business tests and the drones, which were made for the crop spraying. They are working very hard to get a good result on this project. The spokesperson of TATA has stated in an official email that:
 “We do not wish to comment on this story.”
The new call for the BVLOS by the DGCA has made new experimental drones. It also gives some new variety. There are other services which include medical essentials delivery, food delivery, infrastructure surveillance, and e-commerce. There are other interesting projects which came from the Zipline. It is a multinational company which is established on a value of $1.2 billion. It also has the aim to deliver drones. Right now, Zipline has the capability to deliver different things in nations like Rwanda and Ghana. Assad Jourban is the business head of development of Zipline. He said:
 “We submitted a proposal to the DGCA experiment EOI, with the Government of Telangana,”  and he also added that To start operating more widely, we’re ready, but we will do that only once we have signed service agreements with States, which we hope to have by the end of this year.”
Think Tank iSPIRT’s fellow named Tanuj Bhojwani has said that:
 “In terms of last-mile logistics, drones are already more cost-efficient than a human transporting something. It’s no more a cost equation, it’s just that the regulatory, safety and reliability bits need to fall in place.”

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