The dollars and cents of raising VC during the coronavirus pandemic

Written by Toni Morrison

The novel coronavirus is raging throughout the planet. Thousands and thousands are quarantined, the inventory market is violently gyrating and one of the preeminent VC firms in the Valley is back to saying RIP Good Times. The each day stream of stories is terrifying, and we’re going to be taught much more within the coming weeks.

For founders, the largest problem is inoculating their groups from the vagaries of the market to allow them to do their jobs, proceed constructing momentum towards this market adversity and, finally, guarantee there’s sufficient money within the financial institution to keep away from layoffs and maintain their firm for progress.

I wish to speak at present concerning the cash particulars, saving a few of these different matters for future posts. What does VC fundraising seem like at present? What’s going to alter within the VC market? What would possibly truly get higher about fundraising at present than only a few months in the past? The each day headlines may be traumatizing, however with the proper strategy, you’ll be able to navigate these waters safely.

Volatility impacts completely different VCs otherwise

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