An algorithm developed by MIT is going to help robots to guess the next destination of humans

An algorithm developed by MIT is going to help robots to guess the next destination of humans
Written by Stephaine Claire

Automation is making its path towards reality. So, right now the robot can almost work like human beings. But that also has an issue. The robot is too lazy to give their predictions on human’s next destination. It can lead to a collision to their internal programming. The researchers of MIT have developed an algorithm with which the robots can almost predict the next step of Human.

It works on depending on the distance of the Human body. They make their approach by reading the common system and their daily routine and then they design a trajectory according to the human bodies’ reference movements. They also include the timings on their predictions.  They assume that human will not change their daily working schedules.

The robots should give proper guaranteed results. The simulation programming was done by the motion data of a human body. The robots should be more cautious and shouldn’t panic when the human changes their working routine.

The algorithm should change and give more varieties in the working principle of the robots. The robots can work in factories and warehouses without hurting anyone. MIT declared that the robot can also make a few other interactions. But it will take some time to develop themselves.  


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