The brand new Pixel 4 leak proves Google wrong again

The brand new Pixel 4 leak proves Google wrong again
Written by Michael Sheetz

The fans of Pixel were waiting for the launch of Pixel 4. However, they were very excited about the next generation flagship processor of Google. We can expect features like hole-punch display, which Galaxy S10 already have. The camera look will also be a replica of iPhone 11. But it was not the first time when Google decided to copy the iPhone. But we can’t draw a final conclusion on it because they were working on the camera at the same time. Google had already published a design of the camera. This module took place in the middle. But Pixel 4 proves Google wrong again with the leak of the Pixel 4.

If you notice the first gen Pixel phones, you will see that it almost looks like iPhones. At that time, Google took a very big decision about implementing a headphone jack in it. Google stated at that time that they never tried to replicate Apple as they don’t have any kind of headphone jack in it. Google also assured that removing the 3.5mm jack will be benefitable for the users.

When Pixel 3 was on its way, Google routine themselves for the future launch of different Android device which tried to copy the notches of iPhone X as it comes in Pixel 3 XL. You can easily hide the notch, but the design of Pixel 3 was very horrible at that time.

Wireless charging feature fact was a wrong decision taken by Google when it comes for Pixel. The organization tried to implement when Apple used that feature in the iPhone 8 series phone and iPhone X. But Android had that feature before Apple had with iPhone. The Nexus family phone also used this kind of feature. The thing is that the first two Pixel phones don’t have that feature in it.

In the year of 2018, Google had thought to keep a single rear camera which will be good to deliver any kind of quality photos.  It can give good competition to those dual and triple license shooter camera. Reviewers said that the feature of the Google camera is far better than any other contemporary phone had. But the single lens camera does not have the recognition of DxOMark.

Google shared that Pixel 3 is a kind of phone which can give you a quality photo. But the demand was a good camera on the front as well to click good selfies. The second line which was installed later was a super-wide-angle. With the help of that, you can easily click a selfie with a wider range and more people in it. 

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