Android Warning: Google confirms that few phones have malware pre-installed in them

Android Warning: Google confirms that few phones have malware pre-installed in them
Written by Michael Sheetz

All the Android fans in the global market have been warned of malware in a number of phones which come with malware loaded in them straight from the sealed box. Android is now the most popular software in the market and also most of the phones which are available in the market now come with the Android operating system.

Android fans have a very clear idea that the Android operating system somehow lacks in security alerts. There has been a number of situations which have proved that Android operating system is not at all secure in nature. Threats are being circulated on all the phones with the help of the Google Play Store.

There were six applications available in the Google Play store which has been downloaded over 90 million times that it has PreAMo malware preinstalled- in them. There are more than 50 applications in the Google Play Store which come with malware loaded in them. All the fans of the Android operating system are now warned so that they do not face any kind of issue related to security because of their Operating system. 

Google has confirmed that all the phones which come with malware are budget phones. All the premium phones do not have any kind of malware in them even if they are running in the same operating system.

The Malware called Triada is very capable of stealing all the data which is sensitive from all the banking applications and send them to people who spy on social media.

In a blog post, Google’s Lukasz Siewierski said:

“The creators of Triada collected revenue from the ads displayed by the spam apps.”

“The methods Triada used were complex and unusual for these types of apps. Triada apps started as rooting Trojans, but as Google Play Protect strengthened defenses against rooting exploits, Triada apps were forced to adapt, progressing to a system image backdoor.”

“However, thanks to OEM cooperation and our outreach efforts, OEMs prepared system images with security updates that removed the Triada infection.”

Just prior to the Google blog post about the Triada malware, it was found pre-installed in a series of smartphones which runs on a budget. The anti-malware firm which is found on Triada is now loaded in over more than 40 Android devices which is a big number making all those devices very vulnerable in nature.

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