Google to take control of bringing next-generation texting to the Android operating system

Google to take control of bringing next-generation texting to the Android operating system
Written by Colin Newlyn 
Google has been very slow in rolling out RCS chat in their Android devices. This delay from Google has also been partially dependent on all the carriers. All the testing of next generation is dependent on different networks which are adding support one by one Google has finally decided that they will be taking the matter in their own hands. Google will be offering RCS services to all the Android users in countries like France and the United Kingdom from June giving users the option to use the platform’s messaging application. Google will not be relying on their central servers, in this case, Android Messages and will quietly see if there is support for RCS or not. You will be able to get media of high quality and you will also be able to read all the recipients and perks which will come along with the technology. Google will not be able to pass any kind of messages along with all the servers. This will entirely be a decentralized approach and it will not require any kind of carrier support. There is still a lot of weakness on the RCM remains. It is another end to end encryption, which is liable for any kind of intruder to read some messages. The messaging service is very much like iMessage style and it will give users the ability to chat on all the non-phone devices. Google handles all the RCS and it will need all the temporary retain attached files along with all the data like the phone numbers and IMSI. The company said it was:
“committed to finding a solution” for secure chat, however, and texts won’t disappear into a void if you switch to a phone that doesn’t support RCS.

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