NVidia Shield TV to come with Android 9 Pie

NVidia Shield TV to come with Android 9 Pie
Written by Michael Sheetz
Android TV is one of the platforms which have seen a lot of growth in the past few years. The best Android TV box till now is the NVidia Shield TV and an update to this TV is available now. This was at first spotted by AndroidTV_rumors on the social media platform, Twitter. There will be an updated version of the NVidia Shield TV which codenamed “mdarcy” popped up in the Google Play Developer Console this weekend hinting at the updated version of the hardware. It is very evident that the box will be running on Android Pie as opposed to Android Oreo. In the new box, the new Tegra X1 chipset will be used for sure. XDA- Developers have explained that the new “t210b01” version of the NVidia chip which is a refreshed version of the previous generation. According to sources, the new chipset will end up delivering more power and higher GPU clock speed. There have been rumors going on that the new chipset and how it will perform in different conditions. It’s been almost two years since there was a refreshed version of the Shield TV. A new updated version is much needed now. The Tegra X1 is very capable and will outperform its previous generation box. It has also been said that the newer box will be much slimmer as compared to the Shield TV hardware revision. Hopefully, more news will come out on the device in the coming days. Source

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