Warring issued for all the 1.4 billion iPhone and iPad users

Apple revealed the Radical iPhone Upgrade by mistake
Written by Stephaine Claire
Apple with its new iPhone 11 is coming together very soon along with the iOS 12 release, which is making it look rock solid. Things had just changed for Apple. An Israeli forensics company has come out and announced that they have finally found a way with the help of which they can break into an iPad or iPhone running in any version of iOS. The company Cellebrite has also claimed that they can hack into the latest smartphone too. Tim Cook has previously announced that there are a total of 1.4 billion active iOS users all around the world and this news has surely started to concern each and every one. This news was picked up by AppleInsider Cellebrite reveals that it can perform a:
“Full file system extraction on any iOS device.”
The company has also claimed that they are interested in selling this service to anyone who is interested. Apple has finally understood that Cellebrite is a company which you should definitely take seriously. Back in 2016, the FBI took assistance from Cellebrite so that they can crack the iPhone 5c which belonged to San Bernardino killer Syed Rizwan Farook. The company had talked about their service previously with Forbes. The company has said that it will require a physical device to hack it. The will not be able to hack an iPhone or an iPad from a remote location with the help of their kit.  

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