Apple needs Charter and Comcast to sell Apple TVs and iPads as a part of iPhone deal

Apple needs Charter and Comcast to sell Apple TVs and iPads as a part of iPhone deal
Written by Stephaine Claire

There was a deal in which Comcast and Charter, which are cable companies can sell iPhones. They can only cell phones for their own mobile services. Apple also has a demand to sell a huge number of electronic devices which was reported by CNBC.

Charter and Comcast have their own wireless services, it was an MVNO deal with the company named Verizon. The cable company named Comcast gives almost 1.5 million subscribers to Xfinity Mobile and the cable company named Charter can give subscribers of almost 300000.

The two big cable companies wanted to have the dealership of iPhones so that they can compete with the big brand dealers, which are AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon. If Comcast and Charter get the permission to sell iPhones, then they will also get the permission to sell other electronic devices of Apple as well.

The popularity of iPhones is in a so grand level that they don’t even allow Spectrum mobile and Xfinity mobile to compete with other dealer brands.  Apple has a quite good amount of leverage for negotiations of deals. 

The terms and conditions of those deals are not known clearly. However, Comcast, according to the deal, has to sell a certain no of iPads. Comcast must pay the difference price between the selling and discounted price.

Comcast gives a great offer on 6Th generation iPad for only $422.9. It is a discounted rate, but the original price is $459. You can also get cellular versions of the 7.9-inch iPad mini, 10.5-inch iPad air, and 10.5-inch iPad pro through Comcast at a discounted rate.

The company has guaranteed the subscribers that they will get a credit of $15 every month for purchasing an iPad.

The main difference in the Charter deal is that they offer Apple Tv, which is a substitute cable box.

“Charter sells Apple TVs at $7.50 per month for 24 months – or $180, the retail cost of an Apple TV. Alternatively, a customer can lease a Charter set-top box for $7.50 per month. In other words, Charter offers an Apple TV at the same price as a Charter set-top box, but a customer ends up owning the Apple TV and returning the Charter box. Charter has become the largest third-party seller of Apple TVs because of the agreement, two of the people said.”

There are few advantages on purchasing phones through Comcast and Charter. The apple watches and iPhones increase the worth of wireless services and the Apple Tv gives a good GPS system to the Charter customers’ interference.

There is more carrier partner of Apple in this world who sells Apple electronics without iPhone. They are almost like Comcast and Charter.


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