New Leaks of Apple finally confirm they are Disruptive

New Leaks of Apple finally confirm they are Disruptive
Written by Michael Sheetz

It took some time, but all the images and renders of the Apple iPhone 11 is finally out now. The design of the iPhone 11 is very much ugly in nature and nobody has liked it after seeing the design. The speaker, which will be given by Apple looks a bit larger in the image. Mac Pro had some issue with the devices and Foxconn was the company who was blamed because of the entire defective laptops.

Apple Loop is only there so that there is a complete reminder that a few of a lot of discussions from last a week.  Since almost all the leaks are available, it is very sure that the iPhone this year will look bad.

“The problem stands out a mile: Apple’s massive new camera hump. The irony is this most hated feature is likely to be the iPhone 11’s headline upgrade. That’s because this year Apple is the side-lining style for substance with both new iPhones featuring huge sensor upgrades, which have the potential to shoot both models back to the top of the smartphone camera charts. A position iPhones have relinquished in recent years.”

“Look closely at Apple’s first beta of iOS 13 and you will find there is a new recovery mode screen for your iPhone, and on it, the Lightning cable shown in iOS 12 has been swapped for USB-C. With iPads moving to USB-C last year and MacBook’s using nothing but this connector, it would be a huge boost to see iPhones make the transition to this industry standard as well. It’s a radical move too, given Apple’s exclusivity over the Lightning port and its lucrative MFi licensing program.”

This will not be the first time that Apple will be removing its lightning port and replacing it with a USB Type C.


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