Apple is going to Hire key ARM engineers so that they can win the race against Intel

Apple is going to Hire key ARM engineers so that they can win the race against Intel
Written by Michael Sheetz
Apple has decided to hire ARM engineers so that they can make a custom processor. This type of processors will be planted in Mac. Apple has already hired the lead architect named Mike Filippo. They have hired him to design Cortex-A76 and Arm CPU. The cortex was featured in the Qualcomm’s top-of-the-line Snapdragon 855 chip. Bloomberg has declared that Filippo can do a filling in the key spot at Apple, which was left empty for a long time. Previously, Gerard Williams III was on that position. He was the head architect of Apple. He resigned at the very beginning of this year. Apple hasn’t officially declared anything about the hiring situation of Filippo, but ARM has confirmed that he has resigned. The LinkedIn account of Filippo depicts that he is working for Apple from the month of May. Before this, he was working for AMD and Intel as an architect. When the declaration of Cortex-A76 was announced, Filippo stated that the Chip which he designed would do better against Apple. Apple is working for several years. They are expert in making the tablet processors and smartphone. Their chips always perform better than any other rival company’s chip. They are designing their own engineers. They don’t take any kind of license from ARM. The two big companies, ARM and Apple do not compete. But sometimes Apple uses the processor of ARMs. Other companies like Qualcomm also do the same. They completely depend upon the rules and regulations which are given by the ARM. Other companies hire a chip expert who completely understands the science behind the ARM chips,  but Apple follows their own rules to design chips. The chips, which Apple makes is the best in the market. Probably, no one can make a good chip as Apple makes for smartphones and tablets. The desktops are very good as well. They are also planning to improve the quality of chip in the desktops. But, Apple has detached the Intel concept from their processors.

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