Apple finally invests its money on Drive.Ai which is a self-driving car startup

Apple finally invests its money on Drive.Ai which is a self-driving car startup
Written by Stephaine Claire, a self-driven car startup has been running a small fleet of text shuttles in Texas, United States of America and has become very popular recently. The Cupertino, which is basically a company based California did not share any kind of specifications of the deal. None of the parties have come forward and declared on the amount of money that was spent on the deal. The main rival of Apple, Alphabet has also invested their money on a self-driven car startup and it was time for Apple to get into the business themselves. Apple has ended up revamping their operations and bringing the former engineer from Tesla Doug Field to oversee all their operations. There have been reports coming out every now and then where the iPhone maker was considering to invest their money on self-driven car technology for quite a long period of time and it is finally here. The company has been very smart in investing their money. A spokesperson from Driver.Ai said:
 “this new partnership for our company will be very helpful for both the companies because Apple will finally invest their money on something new which has the power to change the world and Driver Ai will finally spend some money on developing all the different technologies they are working on.”
The new structure of the company has made a lot of changes. There has been a total of 90 employees replaced in the entire process of acquisition. San Francisco Chronicle wrote:
“Five former employees have changed their LinkedIn profiles to say they left in June and joined Apple the same month. Four of those workers list “special projects” in their job titles. Those employees include data, systems and software engineers.”
It is expected that with the help of all the resources which are supplied by the Apple Computers, the company Driver.Ai can reach a lot of extents. All the companies in this industry are struggling and will not have to struggle anymore because it is backed up by Apple computers financially. Source

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