Facebook is paying to its consumers for tracking their phone

Facebook is paying to its consumers for tracking their phone
Written by Colin Newlyn 

Once again, Facebook has decided that they will pay their consumers if they allow accessing their phone data. They are going to launch a new app called Study. It will monitor all the movements of the consumer’s phone apps. They will see how long you are using your phone and what you are doing on it. The app data may reveal some specific works, but they have guaranteed that they won’t reveal anything about your personal information like password, messages, or any kind search history of the website.

Study app was launched after a long time the user had used a tracking app. Facebook research was turned down because of a few vigorous controversies. The app was specially made and marketed for the teens and it was very useful for the iPhone. It was launched by a special certificate on which the app can drill deeper on the user’s phone and get all the information. But it also violated the rules of Apple. So it was turned down in the month of January.

On launching the study app, Facebook clearly declared that it needs access to the user’s phone to get all the pieces of information of all other apps. This was the thing which Facebook realized from the last controversy. But the main issue is that the Study will be available for the users who are 18 years above. Android users can only have the feel of this app. There will be screen related to this app which will give you a complete description of the app and how it will be used.

The age of the user will be verified in a proper manner. The participant has to log in into a PayPal account to get access in this app. PayPal also has an age requirement. Facebook states that they will refer other data and paste adds on your profile according to it. But if the account is not properly verified then you will not get the payments.

Facebook does not say anything about the payment, but a blog spot about this said that:

  “All research participants are compensated.”

The app will be launched in nations like the US and India at first. Every user will not get access to the apps. The organization will aim you by giving and add. You can Click on that app and register for that service.

A spokesperson of Facebook refused to give any comments on the payments. They said that the data which the app collects is exhaustive and they will not collect any kind of personal pieces of information. The user can also give feedback on this issue if the app gives them permission to do so.


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