AR Animals by Google end up entertaining Android users

AR Animals by Google end up entertaining Android users
Written by Colin Newlyn 

Google is now working on a tool which lets all the android users experience animals in augmented reality through their device camera.

This application is now working for a limited amount of animals, but it is expected that in the coming years, everything will go back to normal. This application is also limited to some devices only. Some of the devices which this application is compatible with are One Plus, LG, Samsung.

Apple is also one of the companies which are known to support a variety of AR application. Google has successfully designed and completed the application and the experience with it is absolutely great. People who have used it have reviewed that they loved the experience.

The concept of Augmented Reality is basically a combination of images as well as some real-life scenarios. One of the most popular games in Augmented Reality is the Pokémon Go.

Kate Bevan, editor of Which Computing magazine commented:

“For many, Pokémon Go was our first encounter with AR, but this shows the possibilities of AR to a whole new group of people – those who don’t play smartphone games.”

“While I expect to see this technology taken up by brands for advertising further down the track, AR will also be used for practical things like navigation: Google is already rolling out a trial of AR maps for owners of its Pixel phones, and I expect to see that more widely available next year.”

Lisa Forte from Red Goat who is a cybersecurity expert has already warned all the developers that all these applications of VR should be much more secure in nature.

 “AR can have the same sorts of vulnerabilities that websites or apps have,” she said. “It comes down to being secure by design and deployment.”


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