The Chrome Beta 76 is added with lazy loading images and support of dark themes with Tron references

The Chrome Beta 76 is added with lazy loading images and support of dark themes with Tron references
Written by Colin Newlyn 

The chrome 75 was released just earlier this month and it was right on schedule. The Chrome 76 ended up entering into the Beta Channel. This version is going to be massive because of all the changes that it will be worked on. The changes have been worked on for years and are finally going to be done.

When the webpage becomes very complex in nature, it ends up taking time in loading the sites steadily and it is hard to load when the network is slow. There are a lot of ways because of which an image is loaded lazily from different websites.

Google has ended up announcing last year that it will be building up a feature with help of which the lazy loading images can be stopped. With the help of this new functionality, all the websites can avoid loading of advertisements, images and everything embedded until all the contents come into the view with one line of code.

Most of the web browsers available support a dark mode because people love to use it in their daily work. Google has also decided that they will be adding a dark theme for sites which will help the Chrome stand out from the other browsers available in the market now.

The preference color scheme browser feature which was done by Apple last year allowed different websites to detect the dark mode from the browser itself. Google has finally brought this feature to Chrome. With the help of the Chrome 76 if any website has its dark mode available, then Chrome will end up automatically switching it on. Users can also switch the mode off manually simply by going to the settings option.


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