Hans Zimmer about to compose the sound of BMW’s electric vehicle

Hans Zimmer about to compose the sound of BMW’s electric vehicle
Written by Colin Newlyn 
Hans Zimmer is a legendary music and sound composer of Hollywood who has already worked on different films like Inception and The Lion King. Right now, he is working on BMW’s electric vehicles sound. Renzo Vitale is an acoustic engineer and sound engineer who works for BMW. He is working with Hans to compose the sound of BMW Vision M NEXT. This will have a grand launch on the date of June 25. The new project of Zimmer is known as “BMW IconicSounds Electric”. The senior vice president of BMW brand named Jens Theimer has stated that:
 “We want to get BMW Iconic Sounds Electric in position for customers who value emotional sound. With BMW Iconic Sounds Electric they will be able to experience the joy of driving with all their senses.”
The pair of Vitale and Zimmer has composed the sound of M NEXT in the studios of Los Angeles and London.  People should listen to the brilliant wooshing sound of the accelerator. This soundtrack is similar to the Inception soundtrack. The vehicle was launched in the NEXT Gen event in the city of Munich. You will not get the machine in the local BMW stores. The car is made with a modern system where the vehicle can have good cruise control and the driver can easily drive the car with luxurious comfort. The car has an amazing feature of detecting the red lights in the signal and it will automatically stop if the signal is red. The regular customer can expect a good quality sound from the electric vehicles because they are going to compare these cars with those which have an internal combustion engine.  This is the next planning of BMW, it will launch very soon. The automaker of the company has declared that the project is running before the schedule. BMW was targeting the year of 2025, but they are going to launch 25 vehicles in the market in the year 2023. The plan is not to make the sound of an electric car into an ICE vehicle. The aim of the sound is to match the electric vehicle. Right now, BMW is working on the sound which is artificially generated at the end of the year 2009. The main motto of the engineers is to make people conscious about the MINI E test fleet. After the launch of the BMW i3, the consumers are going to have pedestrian protection as a substitute option. The legislation is very important for the all-electric vehicles and the plug-in hybrids. The main target was to create a new development program for road vehicles. The main motto of the program is not disturbing any pedestrians.   

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